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  1. You are one that would turn people off from going out and voting or switching to the other side. I'd rather have someone go out and vote on their local, state, and reps and whoever they chose for idiot in chief. If we can't keep hillery out then it's best we stack the cards against in every other level we can. There is more to vote on in all aspects. It won't do any good if the next president gets 8 years and gets to replace 4 Supreme court justices , do you think shillary is going to replace them with conservatives you can kiss the second amendment goodbye . I live in a red state , and everyone I know is voting for Trump. I do agree about state and local ,I will be voting for Rand Paul . I DO BELIEVE YOU SHOULD RESEARCH WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR
  2. If you vote for anyone else than Trump your vote is wasted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . He may never have one a race but he is still our horse , if you believe in the constitution you better vote for him , he might fuck us in the long run , but if hitllary gets in we are all FUCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I haven't posted in awhile but I can help you 1 get a nuisance liscence so you wont pay a ticket from dept of fish and wildlife 2 get on you tube and search how to catch coyotes with leg hold traps , I assume they are legal in your state 3 make dirt hole sets and spray fox or coyote urine on the back of the hole DO NOT USE ANY BAIT the hole is what attracts them and the scent of another canine think mouse size hole 4 BUY A COUPLE OF QUALITY LEG HOLD TRAPS [ SOMETHING THAT IS BASEPLATED , 4 COILED , AND HAS A CENTER SWIVEL 5 BUY A DOZEN BERKSHIRE DISPPOSABLE STAKES GOOGLE THEM DO NOT DRIVE A STAKE IN THE GROUND AS THEY WILL PULL IT UP AND RUN OFF WITH IT your problem will never go away as long as you have chickens you don't have to set the traps close to the house you can go 150 yards to a 1/2 mile away and this method will wear their ass out People don't think you can go out in the middle of the field and catch them but they have roads everywhere you just don't know what to look for so I am going to tell you WHERE EVER A ROAD DIRT OR GRAVEL MEETS A CROP CHANGE THINK CORN TO GRASS OR HAY YOU CAN SET 2 DIRT HOLES THERE ABOUT 15 FEET APART AND YOU WILL CATCH 2 AT A TIME ON OCCASION YOU WANT TO PUT THEM WERE THE PREVAILING WIND BLOWS ACROSS THE ROAD IF YOU HAVE ANY GULLEYS OR WASHES WATER HAS TO RUN SOMEWHERE PUT 2 ON EACH SIDE I HOPE THIS HELPS I HAVE ONLY BEEN DOING IT ABOUT 35 YEARS P.S. ITS THE COONS EATING THE CORN AND IF YOU SHOOT A COYOTE WITH THE ELECTRONIC CALLER YOU PROBALY WONT GET BUT ONE OR TWO AND THEY WILL WISE UP FAST. I PROMISE YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 OR 2 planning on trying to shoot them is a waste of your time as they know when you are gone and that's when they come when it is quiet and no humans around if you see one they have been their for a while THE BEST BAIT TO USE FOR COONS IS OREO'S AND MARSHMALLOWS AND JELLY GRAPE OR BLACKBERRY ITS LIKE KRYPTONITE TO THEM you can cut 2 notches in a five gallon bucket and slide the coney bear traps you have in them but you have to stake the bucket down or it will move Good Luck pm me if you need more help
  4. I graduated in 1983 I always had my pocketknife and had gun racks in my truck , I never left home without my old 30/30 in deer season . I would cover it up with a jacket in the seat during school , I only hid it so somebody wouldn't steal it . We are truly to Damn politically correct these days
  5. What happens to us when Shillary runs for prez and Bernie runs as her VP we would be screwed
  6. I would like to buy something to leave my children when I am gone . I have enough in the ak /ar line and am good in the bolt guns. I was wanting something that would be valuable or cool 25 years from now . I am not really a pistol guy , and was thinking along the lines of an M1A , I cant afford to buy 2 full autos so I was thinking some nice scoped wood . You guys got any ideas ?
  7. Sportsman Guide on slick guns .com has 4 boxes of Remington Buckshot for 67.44 and you can print a 40.00 rebate from Remington makes it 27.44 for 4 boxes equals 6.86 a box and free shipping if you use their code
  8. I am not saying someone is going to take your gun lets just use our imagination and say we are poor or divorced [ no you cant shoot her ] or old , or giving them to your children etc. and you decide to keep one gun what would you choose ?
  9. I haven't posted in a while so I was wondering if you could have only one gun what would it be [ I didn't say one gun safe ] . If you could only have one what would you choose ? I think I would go with my Ruger M77 mk2 in .270 . it's probably not the best choice but it shoots pretty well for me .
  10. ok i'll poke the bear [ So you are going to vote for Hillary ? PLEASE SAY IT AINT SO
  11. I have a 17 , 26 and a 42 they are all accurate as I am and they always go boom . I am surgical with my 42 as I have carried it to Universal , the beach in the ocean , everywhere I go . I think it is the best pocket pistol you can buy . I wish I had held out for the 43 , the only thing you have to do is keep you'r booger finger off the bang switch . I am not a Glock fanboy I just like having a gun that can get wet and won't rust , and I trust with my life .
  12. I myself prefer Hornady , because I have seen a lot of deer shot with them and they are usually drt , no tracking required .
  13. I think we are truly screwed Cruz is my pick , but I would vote for Trump over Shillary
  14. The worst ammo I have seen is the Win white box with 550? it sucks my 9 year old learned how to clear jams pretty quick with it about 5 in a 25 round clip wouldn't fire . He doesn't have any problems with CCI it will run them perfectly. I don't think the 10/22's are very accurate , but the are cheap and fun for young shooters to learn with . Mine feeds and ejects reliably and you can put 25 rounds down field in about 3 seconds , but I haven't timed him . I haven't tried the Federal 325 boxes but did pick up 3 the other day for 18.47 a box at my local wally world 6 cents a round tax included . It's a 200 dollar gun you don't expect sub moa from a 200 dollar gun , and its cheaper than letting him shoot 500 rounds of 223/556
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