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  1. It’s seems very possible, to me, given how close these attacks were to each other, time wise, that these people all hung out online together, talking smack. Just a theory. I know Antifa started making threats about using firearms about a year and a half ago. All the perps are about the same age. The Media put Antifa on a pedistal as “Anti-Trump Protestors”, from the beginning. Sorry, for my absence. After being out of the hobby for years, I built my first AR last month.
  2. I’ll miss him. I liked his “No Bullshit” Style.
  3. Why should the snowflakes be inconvenienced when the adults can wave a magic wand. We have been so weakened as a country. We have one smart snowflake daughter and an adult son that likes guns and appreciates the value of saving money.
  4. The videos have been popping up in my YouTube Recommended channels. Recover the aircraft, if they can be preserved, intact. The ship and sea is the true grave.
  5. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18762/freezing-navy-ea-18g-crew-in-ice-filled-cockpit-navigated-home-using-their-smart-watches The sad state of our military. This really could have hit home. We live about 10 miles away from their base.
  6. I would call into question his mental faculties, based in this video. In his case, maybe he did the right thing.
  7. I would support a bump-stock ban and raising the age to purchase a rifle, just to steal the issue away from the Dems before 2018. Both are cheap casualties but, great optics for the President.
  8. +1 I need sometj ing to hang on to. I mean I like a full figured woman. Looks much better when a chick has actual hips. And no thigh gap, that's just gross.Is it true sir, that you have really examined woman, for science? Yes I have. Examined women. Closely for science only of course. I've found a betty boot figure of about 5'8" and 160-180 pounds and size 6 or 8 is About perfect.
  9. A horny fat single chick seeking attention. That's what happens today, thanks to our crap news. God and a good husband is all she really needs.
  10. I'm guessing you just want to play with something new, enjoy! I never liked the looks.
  11. I told my wife she would be living with a felon if they pass anything like that crap in Washington State. I guess it's time for the judges to issue search-warrants and go door-to-door. Good luck with that! There is'nt enough money or man-power, to make it happen! This is another "bluff". The people still have the numbers and that's what scares the assholes in our government. My comments were highly redacted.
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