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  1. Steven Stallings

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    some of my Vepr 12's the i can only fir 7 on my kitchen island.
  2. Hello Forum Saiga 12! I have a question, how is the Primary Market like Atlantic Firearms Classic, AOA, these big online retailers getting there hands on more Vepr 12 Shotguns when they have been banned? Are they Truly banned? or has the Vepr 12 been still coming in? Thanks. -STEVEN
  3. With low brass shotshells 2x100 pack of federal all purpose loads 2 FTE out of 200 shotshells first 30 had the 2 failures to eject due to the shell getting pinched by the bolt carrier from not ejecting far enough. LRBHO did not one time fail to stay open at the last round it works perfectly Update on recoil. with low brass the recoil is the same as my saiga 12 and the trigger slap isnt even noticable. Overall very pleased with my purchase i was going to take a picture of the FTE but it never happend again for a pic so i missed my chance wich is great! haha i give this Ve
  4. OH MY GOD! how did i not know about this! i will buy it the second it comes out 12guage and 223!
  5. On this forum on my iPhone ill post pics when I get back from work, range report Shotguns recoil is insane compared to the saiga 12 I only shot 2 mags of federal high brass loads They all cycled great and the LRBHO functioned as intended, but the trigger everytime you shoot really slaps back at your finger and to be honest hurts, I'm active duty military and am no way a wimp, and ill be honest that trigger slap hurts,recoil is saiga 12 x 10 ill post more tomorrow when I run a box of Walmart 100 pack to see how it cycles
  6. Add mine to the canted rail list haven't shot it yet but this sucks!
  7. Just picked mine up today!!!!..... Haven't shot it yet but my luck the top cover is canted to the left and the finish of the shotgun is in my opinion pretty rough. Very pitty and rough to the touch, not glossy kind of like a matte black could have done a better job with a spray can I don't really care about the finish but how do I go about getting this top cover straight
  8. I want a Free Conversion! ill be blowin some fireworks up with my fiancee for the 4th. THANKYOU TAC47! A1C stallings USAF ACC 12RS DOSFI
  10. OH.. My... GOD NO WAY!! cant wait to recieve mine!
  11. Kool cant wait thank you for the information!
  12. Hello Cameron! I was just wondering when i would recieve my Chaos Extended Quad & Sights I see they are on backorder.Have a guess to when i would recieve mine? thank you so much! I00470 Fri Jul 11:58:33 2010
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