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  1. That didn't end too well for Rome. On a sidenote, BCT was funny/sad in retrospect when we had 3 Puerto Rican soldiers in our platoon who needed interpreters.
  2. Couldn't hurt to copy and paste this topic over here; http://7.62x54r.net/Forums/index.php?board=1.0
  3. They were complaining to me about how many Saigas they had at one of my local gun shops. I'll send you a msg.
  4. A quick note- if you get the comp, it's going to be considerably louder. For a first time shooter that might be a bit of a turn off. For flash hiders my favorite is the Smith Vortex. I love my PWS FSC-47; comp and flash suppression in one neat $100 package.
  5. Just looking at this from a legal perspective, most DAs would be overjoyed if someone defended their home with a class III weapon. If not legal, you could be looking at civil, and who wants to get their sweet new SBR taken away as "evidence"? For caliber, stick with 762x39.
  6. Here's the stock http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-accessories/vepr-12-wood-stock-detail.html?Itemid=0 Here's the sling swivel that fits on the stock https://www.k-var.com/shop/AK-129US.html It refinishes nicely.
  7. These guys abused the shit out of a saiga 5.45x39. They fired about 12k rounds through it without a cleaning for a year. Here's a vid of the halfway point after they got the hand guard to catch on fire and the barrel warped. At the end of the year challenge, he shoots it with birdshot and it still runs like a top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1s-5-0eoko
  8. Windex followed by Hoppes. If all else fails you can piss down the barrel. Honestly, people overemphasize the impact of corrosive ammunition in a rifle that has all the important stuff chrome lined. If you take the time to shoot your gun, you can take the 15 minutes to clean it. Now, if you plan on hunting, the 7.62x39 will have more ammunition types and be the better round within viable ranges. Ammunition supplies during a SHTF situation will be what you have on hand, not what you can scavenge.
  9. Well it's been altered a bit, but this is what I'm working with these days.
  10. How dare you tastefully restore the finish to your rifle! Damn good deal you got there from Cabela's.
  11. If you don't like how your stock looks, refinish it. If you're content with how it looks, leave it stock. If you want a safe queen, leave it be. You could also buy a Timbersmith and keep all your original parts stock. Ultimately, do what makes you happy if you intend on keeping it.
  12. Just an update for anyone who cares- the Tapco sling swivel fits flush with the sling base impression and works fine. I called up tapco and they agreed to send me another ak swivel set for free because they don't offer them for sale. A great fit and great customer service. I've got some other sets on order from K-var, and I'll be sure to update if any fit. Edit: figured I'd update here instead of bumping. The K-var US made sling swivel fit- model number AK-129US. The tapco swivel base also fit. Romanian, Bulgarian and East German did not fit.
  13. Came across this pic while googling for results. They didn't list the country(s) of origin for either swivel. I'm looking for an ID of the one on the left.
  14. I'm working on a folder for my saiga using the left over Vepr 12 laminate stocks. Refinishing is almost competed (attempting a plum rit dye). Now for the meat and potatoes- I need a sling swivel for this stock, but k-var and similar sites rarely list dimensions for the rear sling swivel bases. The Vepr stock is milled out for a 1/2" wide base x 1 7/16" base. Does anyone know which country of origin produces a base in those dimensions? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Information with links would be even better. Thanks in advance and a quick preview. Edit: A quick addition; m
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