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  1. Yeah despite all the negative reviews I'm still going to see it.
  2. Why not both? Just posting some photos. Got lucky with both of mine, they run low brass birdshot flawlessly (semi-auto in the SPAS too). LOL you know I had to!
  3. I have the original sight and really like it, will have to pick up one of these when they are released.
  4. Yet another reason to get a dash cam in order to protect yourself. Police have one, why not you? It doesn't just record footage in front of you but also any conversations you are having with an officer.
  5. Wow, sounds like an over-zealous rookie to me. That is the opposite experience I had when I was pulled over for speeding (in Florida we don't have to disclose we are carrying), I figure it's safer to put a cop's mind at ease and let him know I'm one of the "good guys" and lawfully arm myself.
  6. KennyFSU

    Muzzle Brakes

    Also, any reported cycling issues with the addition of a brake?
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