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  1. Ill give it a shot. For starters you will want remove the automotive grease. I see what you trying to do.Not sure that is the right hammer for that. the profile is high. Next Do searches for polishing. and profiling. Not sure if anyone still does that here. COBRA did mine Carolina shooting supplies i believe still has parts. .
  2. It also could be your ammo. I have found Seller and Ballot OObuck. the hulls are to soft and do not load well at all. SMG mags, are great. Promag not so much . I spent alot of time with promag support and several mags warranted out before i got 3 good drum mags... YOT help is the best.
  3. Miss my 96 passat . 55mpg 18gal tank. till mech dropped bolt in trany hole because he didnt replace plug. but of course he didnt do it.
  4. Your in luck budsguns still has.zastavas are no longer comingin to us.
  5. poylmer lower. can change mag and slide for different cal. 40,45
  6. Have an eaa witness 9mm made by tanfoligo. 265 at cdnn sports. Normaly 450
  7. Very nice going that route as well. See flash hider and a comp. Much difference.?
  8. The judge ruled that she still needs to take her temp 2 times a day. If she stopped taking her own temp or hid a high temp then I could see criminal negligence. Otherwise, I don't see how she could be criminally liable. However, at this point she's tested negative for the virus and is not showing symptoms, and is therefore not contagious. And who would you get file those charges? It is just hypothetical. Yes they lessened all the restrictions. Well awhere of the news just food for thought.
  9. Ok so a judge has quelled the fear. Here is a question we have been throwig around at work. If someone gets ebola from this idiot is it attempted murder? She still has 2 weeks and is asymptotic she is not out of the woods yet. Her arogance evenafter she said she would self Quarantine. And the courts not having the balls to be strong. Plus send her ass back to texas. sorry texas.
  10. To make matters even worse she is not from maine. Neither is her boyfriend who she is visiting . He has only been here for about a year. The university should also kick his but out for 21 days as he will have contact with her. Ther is talk of quaranting her anway. People up here are not to happy about the whole thing.
  11. Mybe my search fu is lacking. Where is the info on this. Didnot Find at reuters.
  12. If you can find mcu gas masks or the msa millenium. Filters will be the hardest to get at agood price.
  13. Here we go US Mercs. Or non us mercs to deffend this country. Did not see that coming. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/09/26/dod-planning-to-let-illegal-immigrants-enlist/
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