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  1. Anyone have advice for what kind of spotting scope to buy? I want to start shooting more at the 100-200 yard range, and my eyes are not good enough to see where I am hitting. The range I frequent only allows paper targets (no steel), and there is a long wait for "cease fire" so I can't just run out to the targets at any time. What power scope would work, and are there any "deals" available for someone just getting into medium range shooting?
  2. Is there a difference between the VZ58 and VZ2008? Anything besides costing several hundred dollars more?
  3. I have one, and it is definitively "good to go." It is super fun to shoot. Using AR mags is a bonus. Just ordered the Manticore Arms night brake, and can't wait to try it. BTW, Manticore is having a 1/3 off sale. Just put "alldamnweek" in the coupon blank.
  4. Yes, dead rat smell is BAD! One died in our garage this summer. After removing the little rotting little bugger, clorox did a good job of cleaning the mess and gettting rid of the smell. Be careful about handling these disease packed little scumbags. Wear gloves and a mask because you don't want hanta virus to kill you before ebola! Just found out that roof rats fit exactly half way through my pool skimmer's intake pipe. At least they fit before they drown and both ends sticking out of the skimmer pipe start to bloat. It is absolutely amazing how fast they start to stink after you pull
  5. I had the same challenge: my right earpierce would get in the way of my cheekweld. Then I took a carbine class where the instructors had us take a more squared-off stance. Instead of the angled shoulder stance I learned forty or more years ago, they had us face the target. Then the instructors said bring the rifle up straight under your right eye, so the sights line up under your right eye. That results in the butstock being more centered on your chest -- on the peck mustle more than on the shoulder. Finally the instructors said just lower your head straight forward with little to no sid
  6. Sent my form 1 in April by snail mail, and received my stamp last week.
  7. Tchick, where did you get your rear sling mount?
  8. Are dash cams available here? We have some crazy drivers too!
  9. Thanks for updating my dated knowledge, Stryker. I wonder what the workers want. Does anyone know whether they have requested to be returned or whether they prefer to remain in place due to the danger to the US?
  10. Ebola is not just some incurable disease; it is an unstoppable plague of biblical proportions with the potential to very quickly wipe out almost all of the human race if we don't control it. I understand that it is transferred through bodily fluids, including airborne spray, and once you are exposed it has a 90% kill rate. That means one touch, one sneeze or one cough and you are quickly dead. Apparently the virus keeps you alive just long enough to replace your inner organs with virus and spread the to new victims. When you die, your body practically explodes with the virus in the virus's
  11. M85 N-Pap and a Saiga 223 20" converted with 11 mags. Cleaned and started to shoot them, but it started to rain. The Saiga seems to be that same great Saiga quality I experienced in my X39, except a little more mag wobble than I like. M85: I am more and more impressed with the Zastava products.
  12. Good job and good luck on the bar exam! Remaining cool under stress will serve you well as a lawyer.
  13. Darth said it. "Hot" doesn't even begin to describe the skin blistering heat here. It is almost 9:00 pm in "Snottsdale" on the east side of Phoenix, just east of "Parasite" Valley (locals will get those references) and my pool water is over 90 degrees! I can't believe that people settled here before refrigeration and even before evap cooling. I hear the pioneers used to sleep outside on their roofs covered in wet sheets so the evaporation could provide a few degrees of cooling relief at night. I once heard a comedian say riding a motorcycle with a helmet hear is like wearing a crock pot s
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