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  1. Looking to sell a romanian sar3 imported in 2000 by century arms. This was built in the romarm factory not by century. Comes with 7 mags. If there is any interest hit me up and I'll give you full details. Looking to trade for a vepr 12.
  2. Darn it!! Out of stock. Will be on the waiting list. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Honestly, I think it's more that since he has made a name for himself people are just going to pay a premium because his name is on it. Not me. Not ever.
  4. I have seen the bsa sweet .22 complete package with rail, rings, and scope. Found around $60 it doesn't seem like a bad deal. I just don't want to cycle through multiple setups to find the right one that works great.
  5. I will be acquiring a 10/22 takedown here soon and I need some advice. I would want to add a scope to it but not sure what mounting options or scopes to get. It will not have a scope mount on it. Should I go with a factory rail mount or aftermarket weaver type base? What magnification would be good for the limits of the caliber? I would like to keep the overall setup around $100. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Jb weld has seemed to work for some people here.
  7. You always have the good stuff Greg.
  8. I would stay away from modding saiga mags. There is literally zero info on what needs to be done. I ruined an sgm 12 rounder because of it. I would stick with the ones they offer. For me at least customer service has been great. Had an issue and got an email back within 10 minutes on a Sunday night.
  9. Up for sell is my newly built Black Aces Tactical 12 gauge. It is the maverick 88 receiver setup. I purchased a used parts set for the build. The barrel, tube, and heatshield have been refinished in high heat engine primer and high heat engine enamel in flat black. This shotgun was built to be a shooter so it is not perfect but looks pretty good. I have not fired any rounds through this since being built. I do not currently have any mags for it but should be receiving 2 in the next coming weeks. I have only checked function by dry firing and everything locks up tight and functions as it should
  10. Only needed for the S12. No other mods needed for it to work in other calibers.
  11. I'm looking for a shotgun barrel and magazine tube for my maverick 88. I prefer parkerized over blued finish and 18.5" over longer barrels but would accept either. I do not need the tube spring or follower for it. I would be willing to trade an 18.5" barrel and mag tube to match along with the factory heatshield. These items are painted with a high heat primer and high heat flat black. It is not a very good job but looks decent. I also have some other internal parts for the mossberg as well as an Anchor harvey carry handle and a Bulgarian circle 10 bakelite bayonet in new condition. Let me kno
  12. I recently picked up a Black Aces Tactical receiver for the maverick 88 and a complete parts kit to build it. The maverick parts will have to be refinished but I need some advice. I do not have the kit in hand yet but it is used and seems to have some light rust around the barrel. I do not like guns that are blued so I want a finish that closely matches that of my mossberg 500 cruiser. It is a matte black finish. I would like to refinish it in either flat dark earth or matte black. What I want to know is how the process will go. Should I use naval jelly to remove the blued finish, then apply a
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