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  1. Serial 928 My email is Kyle Paul, send me an Private message if you need my address.
  2. Dammit, why no saiga 12 Black Friday sale. You're making me cry.
  3. Anyone here anything from pauly or know where he's hiding? I'd still like my stuff back.
  4. Nice gunfun, that might be fun to play with.
  5. My csspecs mags are my go to mags. The plastic ones are just nice to throw around.
  6. I'll try it, I guess it can't hurt anything.
  7. Any idea on how to make a plastic Mags new again after they have been filed down for a different shotgun? Think some plastic weld would hold up?
  8. Maknwar

    dare I ask?

    When I looked up the physical differences between semi and full auto, it was more of a way to learn more about firearms not to do it. It's fun to learn, especially when it comes to stuff I'll never have. Kinda like looking at Ferraris or lambos. I would never do it, just for the fact I don't need to, can't afford to shoot that much ammo and while being fun it doesn't have a practical use.
  9. Any Labor Day sale? Need to stock up on some saiga 12 mags.
  10. Going to cost a fortune, hopefully you didn't pay much for the saiga.
  11. Just got an email from DOJ, saying "you're fucked." I guess Pauly will keep my parts forever and never get in trouble for it.
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