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  1. Looking to pick up a S12 rear trunnion let me know if you have one.
  2. I may have had the number wrong for MD Arms. Their number is (937) 552-9383. But of course no one answers and the mailbox is full.
  3. E-clip is fine, but I would prefer to have original parts. Part of the reason I collect guns is because of the investment aspect of it. I don't even care if they charge me for the part. I just want the part for this mag. I've been trying to get in contact for months. I haven't received a reply of any sort as of yet. I thought maybe they would see they have an irritated customer with this thread and actually respond for a change. Also when I contacted Copes they said they don't deal with MD anymore. I told them I have been trying to get in touch with them for a long time but they won't rep
  4. I had a simple part fall of my mag while shooting. I have e-mailed them at least 5 times to get a replacement with no response. I found a telephone number (937) 552-9393 listed for their business profile but it isn't in service. Personally I think they should be removed from this web site. They still sell their products but worn't reply to customers with issues.
  5. I've emailed MD Arms several times, no response. Copes said they don't service their mags. I found a number listed for their business profile, but it's not in service. I'm glad it's just a small part because this company is very poorly run, and I won't be doing business with them anymore.
  6. MDarms.com was down. I see it's back up. I'll email them.
  7. I got a 20 round MD arms drum that the metal clip that attaches in the middle fell off while I was shooting at some point. Where/how can I get a replacement?
  8. I'm looking to pick up the Eagle six mag chest rig. If you have one you can part with e-mail me.
  9. SOLD All Parts have been sold. $200.00 or best offer for all parts. I may seperate if no one wants them all. The Tapco fore arm is for a regular Saiga AK, not the S12. The gas plug is the 4 position plug. The cleaning rod is for an S12, and may (I'm not sure if it will or not) fit under an RPK barrel but is too long to mount under a regular AK. The bolt is for a 5.45X39 AK. Both Buttstocks are Warsaw length. I think everything else is self explanitory for you AK junkies. I'm not looking for anything in trade but I'm always open to offers. E-mail me with any ques
  10. So I tried this method. Smoking Spaghetti, and trying to push crack rocks into the holes just isn't working for me. Actually the gun I have has a hole that helps hold the handguard in that I'd like to fill. There was also a slot cut for a bolt hold open next to the trigger that I'd like to fill. I got it with the bolt hold open, but I'm not a fan of them.
  11. So I don't weld. How can I fill the holes? Do I just need to send it off? Will Bondo work?
  12. I'll sell mine for $25.00 shipped with paypal. let me know if your interested.
  13. DAMN! I should have held out for this one!: http://www.gunbroker...?Item=281230559 O wait better yet!!!: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=281227076 Ahhh gunbroker sucks ass.
  14. I just ran about 200 rounds through it, flawless. I ordered a Bulgarian parts kit to finish the conversion. It's always nice to have a gun project to work on.
  15. I'm going to replace the grip with the Molot clone grip, and I just bought a parts kit to finish the conversion. I'll post pictures when it's finished in a few months.
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