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  1. ehhh because , well. if it didnt matter if it was usa marked or not i already have a bunch of surplus trigger groups i could just drop in.....its just a big deal to me. id rather my gun for sure be legal. in the future when laws change id rather not have to deal with obv more bullshit than i have to because i never plan on getting rid of my saiga. im just wondering what exactly has to be modified on a stock g2 trigger group to make it fit a saiga 12. i cant remember exactly.
  2. yeah i should know this by now im on like my tenth conversion.. where can i get the cheapest/best USA MADE trigger group thats for a saiga 12. single hook. if i have to modify it what exactly needs to be done. i cant remember what i had to do. my fear is that i get a tapco g2 and the area that needs to be profiled to fit will be exactly where it says USA made. i think that happened before on one of my conversions and id rather try to avoid grinding off the one reason im even doing this to begin with. compliance parts. so really im just trying to get a trigger that works that is clearly marked usa made. that and well, i can modify one if its cheaper. i got hand tools and what not. files, dremols, hacksaws, welders. i just dont want to get something i could easily mess up or that will not be marked usa made. ADVICE???? i dont use the bolt hold open, but id like to figure out how to reinstall it sometime. if anyone advises or knows a good drop in ready saiga 12 trigger group also...let me know. but i am trying to save money here.
  3. okay, i wont get into it. but i FUBAR'd seriously trashed my saiga 12s safety lever. id like to get a new one. one with an extra tab and a notch cut out. apparently i cant mod or fabricate one on my own worth anything at all. so,. my saiga 12 has no safety, what safety levers would work? any AKM? like a wasr-10s saftey? i just dont see what the difference is. can someone enlighten me the differences. because i dont want to buy a ak rifle safety and it not work.
  4. im back after all this time. sucks none of my friends from here are ever online anymore.

  5. I live local to you. I will buy one drum mag for 60$ if you can meet. I seen you selling these on armslist. If there still available. PM sent.
  6. I noticed the online store said you were sold out of the USA made copys. I'd like to get one if you ever have any again.
  7. Well I actually have not had the opportunity to test it again I got the right screws and I also polished the rails and fcg and bolt and bolt carrier I loctited the heck out of the rail hopefully that won't be a problem if I have to enlarge the gas ports but you guys did your part. Excellent customer service. I'm just confused why when I put the rail on it jammed on low brass when it never did it nowhere near as bad with the stock handguard. But I've done alot of work to it and I think I'm going to wait till I get a muzzle break and a new adjustable gas plug probley go with the MD arms vplug one because my factory one is probley not the best and maybe contribute to it not cycleing low brass. the plan is to run it on setting 5 full open gas on birdshot low brass and see if it cycles reliably. I'll say this much it cycled Remington slugs with the rail on no problems whatsoever and made huge muzzle flashes lol even on setting 1 with the factory plug I will probley be buying another rear locking plate from you guys for 15$ though bc I think I fubar'd mine and I am a perfectionist.
  8. What if the gun cycles high brass like candy but cheap wally world bulk pack stuff jams and doesn't cycle? Would this thing help? I was going to get an mdarms vplug bc I know it has more settings but every where is sold out. One of the vplug settings I know for a fact will let more gas in than what the factory plug does on setting 2 right now and that may just be what I need...
  9. i was going to order a vplug from you guys a few days ago and never got around to it. i went online and noticed you guys were sold out. everywhere is sold out. are you guys going to have any made again ? id like to purchase one rather than an autoplug.
  10. Well I got the rail and I properly installed it this time as best I could I tightened the heck out of the screws and used a liberal amount of blue threadlocker loctite. I may need to get a new rear locking plate from chaos bc I may have goofed mine. Idk it seems sturdy as a rock now so I doubt it will fall apart at the range again like it did when I was using my own screws and not there's because I was impatient lol. My worry is something weird might be going on with the rail attached. Maybe it's pinching the gas tube or something I don't know. I haven't got to shoot it enough and probley won't for a month to get some testing in. But I do know that it cycled birdshot before I installed the rail and the tapco gas puck. I plan on testing it again and useing a variety of ammo , and reverting to the old puck to see if that was the issue. And general functions test. It seems like its working out though. I was even thinking of possibly getting a boresighter to somehow adjust there sights to be as close as I need em to be with slugs to about 50 yards Anyways . that's my update. There a good company though they awnsered all my questions and helped me in the right direction with things I didn't quite understand.
  11. Well, I'd dang sure hate to send my only working bolt to anybody but maybe there would be a way to take a measurement with some kind of headspace gauge and someone could custom make each bolthead to customer specs. I wonder if they do anything like that with other aks. I could probley see people buy one if it was that simple just to have a spare if price was right.
  12. I'll start keeping the nub faceing out, I also got some Teflon plumbers tape for the gas tubes threaded gas plug. See if this makes any difference.. Just wanted to say thanks guys
  13. Man that's confusing. If it's faceing the piston than its backwards. If it's faceing the muzzle than its faceing forward. Which is it
  14. Someone else had mentioned it in a thread, I couldn't find it. Yeah there's a search button but... Which way does the little nub on the gas puck "piston" supposed to face in the gas tube? Towards the actual op rod piston and the stock rear end of the gun or faceing the muzzle of the gun outword where you would be aiming at to shoot? It probley doesn't make much difference but I'm going for making my gun 100% reliable here....
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