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  1. Still available. Looking for $200 for all 4 mags
  2. I am currently in the middle of installing a JTE magwell on my saiga. After I mounted the magwell I noticed that the front side barely hung over the edge of the receiver. I took a file to it and removed just a hair of material to make it flush. probably not the best idea but like everything else on this gun it seems to have a loose tolerance. After I filed a bit off I reinserted my mags that I have been fitting and they went in even smoother than before. My sgm comp mags seem to go in easy and lock right into place. My regular sgm mags are still a little off. the one I was having problems with
  3. Having the same problem. Sgm Comp mags went in with little work. But the regular mags are causing all sorts of problems
  4. 3 20 round pro mag drum-$60 each 1 10 round pro mag drum-$40 One 20 round drum has a notch in the back where I was testing it with my tom cole auto bolt hold open Switching to magwel Looking to trade for stick mags Preferably sgmt competition mags Will trade for: Saiga 12 stick magazines, ammo(9mm, 45acp, 5.56, .223) These are also posted on armslist
  5. So was it originally converted by izhmash or does k- var import them and convert them? And thank you for y'alls response, this forum has been pretty helpful with all my Saiga questions
  6. So I was going through a Facebook group looking for my last purchase before Facebook shuts down all the gun pages and I came across a guy selling a Saiga 12 that he claims was converted at the factory. When I asked him how he knew it was converted at the factory he said cause it was in a box and wrapped in plastic when he bought it. Just making sure I'm not crazy but I was pretty sure they had to be imported in Sporting configuration to get into the U.S. Let me know if you can't see the photos added with this post
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