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  1. So my 11 year old is getting interested in making stuff/tinkering. When I was his age I got a .22 and I was thinking it's about time for him to have one. I would love to build a .22 with him. Something on par with assembling an AR, but for his first gun I'd like something with a little more wood/traditional style. My first .22 was a marlin lever action which I still have and enjoy. Any suggestions? Right now, the best I can come up with is accessorizig a 10/22, but I'd really like to assemble something form the ground up, and I can't find a 10/22 receiver that doesn't cost a ton of mon
  2. Thought about that. Then I realized she might throw me out too...
  3. Good to know. If he was still an imminent threat because of the possibility of detonating bombs, then they were completely in order to stop the threat. Totally changes my whole outlook on the situation.
  4. Anyone else a little concerned that the shooter in Dallas was killed with a robot bomb? I got no problem with him being killed after killing 5 cops, but not sure that I want to see the use of robots in this way as a police tactic. Thoughts?
  5. You mean real badasses like this dude? https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/medal-of-honor-peter-lemon-was-high-on-marijuana-he-single-handedly-fought-off-two-waves-of-vietcong.html That is f-ing awesome.
  6. Magpul Hunter 700 stock, magwell and a timney trigger. Dressing up the old rem 700 that I bought 21 years ago after high school graduation.
  7. I've been to Hiroshima, spoken with a survivor, read accounts of people who were there. Skin melting off their bodies. School children burning to death. It was evil. However, the Japanese put us in that position, and it was the better course of action than invasion and dragging the war out. As a single act, using nuclear weapons was evil. In the context of WWII, it was also necessary.
  8. I do think this could be a good year to get a 3rd party candidate. The 2 party system is broken. I don't trust Trump and I sure as hell don't trust Hillary. Even most of my lib friends don't trust her. I'd like to go into the booth in November and vote for someone I believe in, not a NY douche.
  9. After a tad over 4 month, got my form 1 approved today.

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