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  1. Before the thread dies into eternity, I figure we could close it with this. R.I.P Lemmy!
  2. PSL magazines are double stack to the top. This design requires going from a double stack to a single stack about two shells down from the top. If you can figure out how to dump 20 marbles at once into a funnel with a spout the size of one marble without it jamming, you are onto the solution of the double to single stack. I deem it impossible, and am more than happy to be proven wrong. I agree with your logic,but mags can go from quad to double and that gives me hope!
  3. buy the VEPR keep the S12, never sell a gun, you always regret it
  4. This is exactly what the patent was about, Mike says he figured this out and I am sure he did. There could be a production problem or something else holding it up, but I am fairly certain the design itself would work.
  5. There is a $50 rebate on the Savage Axis rifles, that may be why so many were sold.
  6. Palmetto State Armory has 100rd packs of Remington buckshot for 39.99, if you buy 2 of them,with shipping it comes out (for me) just shy of $100. Remington has a $25 rebate per 100 pack, limit of $50. So 200rds of Remington Buckshot for $50. I read on another forum that someone called Remington and the e-mail invoice will suffice as a receipt for rebate purposes, but please verify this for yourself. Ammo link: http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/ammunition/shotgun-ammunition/remington-12ga-2-75-00-buckshot-ammunition-100rds-12b00b.html Rebate link: http://www.remington.com/~/media/
  7. Remember that a Fudd gun smith might not really know what he is doing when it comes to shortening the barrel and still have proper function, a Saiga shotgun can require some specialized expertise to insure that the gun is reliable. It isn't rocket science, but if someone has no knowledge of these shotguns it may create problems.
  8. i think I understand what you are trying to say, but I would choose my words more carefully!
  9. They had a bunch of 1/2 price guns at some of the Walmarts in Michigan. I bought a Mossberg 930 semi auto 12 ga for $250, I also picked up a scoped Savage Axis II XP with the acu-trigger for $200, best part of that one was it has a $50 rebate! I also saw the had sold a pardner pump 12 for $98 and they had sold some Windhamm AR's for $350 and a few other deals.
  10. That is a good deal and was a good buy, it is obviously in great shape. Is it a square back? I would consider keeping the Chinese trigger in there as they are probably the best factory AK trigger. The Mak-90's are great because they have the heavier barrel and receiver, it is a definite step up from the typical WASR. My understanding is the Chinese AK's were designed for full auto sustained fire, thus the heavier receiver and barrel.
  11. He should send it back to Glock for warranty work, lol!
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