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  1. umm no. all guns are not banned from China. Only rifles and pistols. There are several shotguns and parts coming direct from China, the coach shotgun that like 10 companies offer are all Chinese.
  2. That person you refer too roblox84 in such a rude manner is a 21 year Marine vet. That unfortunately had to retire due to suffering multiple injurys in 3 separate deployments. His service made it possible for you and the rest of us to be able to live in a free country and give you the right to say what you did. As I dont agree with what you said you have the right to say it, I also have the right to tell you to go play in a busy street. Also I would love to see you say something like that to his or any vets face and see what happens to you. You should really think about what idiot things you p
  3. We just started shipping the 9mm and the .45 magazines. Go get a few at aim surplus and centerfire systems. Same 5 year warranty as our other magazines. Enjoy the video
  4. we are working on it. https://www.facebook.com/SgmTactical1/videos/893109697397985/?l=4063838945516153362
  5. SGM


    EAA has started importing them and have new models coming out, I have no idea of the price point but I saw a tactical version at IWA this year.
  6. Those are fixed stocks, no folding mechanism. "Unlike our previous VEPR-12's this latest version has a Factory Fixed Position Butt Stock, with no welded hinge mechanism." Still a great deal.
  7. SGM

    SGM Vepr 12 Magazines

    All the mags have a stiffer spring in them late 2013. If you have purchased in the last 60 days you have the stiffer springs. Looking back it was never the springs that were causing issues, it was the rivets holding the magwell on.
  8. my point is by alerting the wrong people and it getting around the executive order can be expanded to cover all imports from Russia having to do with Firearms.
  9. I am not being a tough crowd type person or crapping on someone. I am just saying common sense is that if the guns are on the market and there has been 2 shipments and another coming that is the end of the pre-paid guns. Now it is wait and see what happens next. But posting a public video making statements like that with the amount of subs he has and trying to keep it hush hush is ridiculous. I actually like the guy and his videos but it is counter productive to post stuff like this.
  10. Even if that was true (which I doubt because the rifles and shotguns coming in now were paid for before the executive order) why would anyone want to post a video saying they are not banned. Yeah post a public video and tell everyone to not make a big deal about it or talk about it. wow is all I can say. Btw it is more complicated than they are not on the ban/restricted list. Once the shipments make it in that are paid for everyone should wait and see if future permits are approved and shipments are allowed. Especially with all the crap going on right now with Ukraine.
  11. SGM

    SGM Vepr 12 Magazines

    lol I will fix and upload again. sorry I didn't read it as well as I thought.
  12. I have attached a pdf that has updated info on what is causing feeding issues with SGM Vepr 12 Magazines. We have made several changes over time and this seems to be the most common reason. Vepr_Feeding_Issues.pdf
  13. I have attached a pdf that has updated info on what is causing feeding issues with SGM Vepr 12 Magazines. We have made several changes over time and this seems to be the most common reason. Vepr_Feeding_Issues.pdf
  14. We have had some machine issues that has held the drum up. I assume most people don't really know how big this mold is and how huge the machine is to run it, it takes almost an hour just to put the mold in the machine. Then there is the programming of the timing for water, air and releases to make sure things don't warp. It has been a long project and right now we are in the tweaking phase to get them to work with the variances in the individual guns. We stopped giving a release date a while back we just hope they are done soon. Believe me we are just as disappointed as everyone else on the se
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