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  1. That does make sense because I also have an IAC Hawk 982 that is from China and it is a great gun! BTW, I love your mags for the S12 & DDI12! You guys ROCK!!!!! Alan
  2. I'm going to have to disagree. If ALL parts are Chinese and ALL Chinese guns are banned from import, how did it get to my house? My guess? It is being imported from Canada. Therefore, NO IMPORT BAN!!! S&W
  3. Can you tell us which parts in the current configuration are US made for 922r compliance? I'm concerned that SDS isn't making the parts substitutions as done by DDI. The one I examined didn't have the cartridge FCG that the DDI guns did. Has anyone EVER been prosecuted for 922® violations? I have heard that there have been ZERO cases regarding such violations. Can anyone confirm this? As for the gun having U.S. parts, I would have to say that it has at least eight, either made by DDI or some other U.S. company. Alan ETA - Correction.....make that at least FIVE parts. I
  4. Thanks for the info. I have bought stuff from your website before when I was doing my Saiga 12. I am looking to do a few modifications to the DDI but nothing like I did to the Saiga! I probably have at least $2,000 invested in that gun! :-). Thanks again for the link, I will be visiting soon. S&W
  5. She is here! Spent a couple hours on it today giving it a thorough cleaning and now it is ready for this weekend! Pics and video to follow. Alan
  6. I do have a Kynshot recoil damper (see my avatar) on my Saiga 12 and it is absolutely fantastic! I'm going to take it off of the Saiga 12 and put it on the DDI 12 for shooting at my brother's property later in the week. I will definitely take pictures and videos of me shooting this new DDI 12 and I'm sure it will function just fine, stay tuned. :-) Alan
  7. I know this thread is 4+ years old but, where is MD ARMS???????? OOB? Thanks in advance, Alan
  8. I think it would look great shucked back a bit. That's craziness! These things kick like a mule with the 19" barrel, I can't imagine how they feel as an SBS!!! OUCH!!! Alan
  9. Should be taking it to the range on Sunday. Videos for sure!!! :-) Alan
  10. I picked this up yesterday from my dealer, the DDI-12 Saiga clone made in China, and it it AWESOME!!!!! Check out these features: Left side charging handle Four position adjustable gas system Threaded barrel (same as Saiga-12) AR-15 style safety (ambidextrous) Fiber optic front site Peep rear site on dust cover Set up for AR-15 mil-spec buffer tube Accepts ALL SAIGA-12 mags and drums Most Saiga-12 accessories will fit Uses ANY standard AK pistol grip These are at Centerfire Systems for $439.99!!! The quality is fantastic and I love the finish on this gun, it's gor
  11. Does it look like this? DDI-12, a Saiga clone, at Centerfire Systems for $439.99!!!!!! Get one before they are gone! Here is my thread on this gun over on Glock Talk: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/my-new-ddi-12-saiga-clone-awesome.1668824/ I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Alan
  12. $140 at Centerfire Systems. NOT wood, it's plastic :-( Alan
  13. I just ordered one of these SAS-12 shotguns, along with a DDI-12, from Centerfire Systems for $139.99!!! The DDI-12 is $439.99!!! I am picking up the SAS-12 early next week but I got the DDI-12 yesterday and it is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! A Saiga-12 CLONE for UNDER $475!!! Centerfire Systems will be getting 5-round mags for the SAS-12 very soon. I can't wait to get it but I hear that they are covered in cosmoline, which is a good thing. FYI, this one has a 24" ventilated rib barrel. I will post a pic of it after I get it and clean it up. Alan
  14. SGM ROCKS! ProMag 12-round drum is great! I also have four (4) AGP mags that work flawless as well. TGG
  15. Thanks all, I don't mind staining it myself. Thanks for the replies! Alan
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