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  1. Dorner knows something they don't want getting out or they wouldn't be risking violating piles of laws by initiating a shoot on sight policy.
  2. Guns, and lots of auto-erotic asphyxiation....DHS is gonna love that.....
  3. Fucktards that let 12 year olds sign for smokeless powder,.............
  4. yes and no, yes it should work, no b/c it may no longer be 933r compliant.....
  5. The Wal Martians did the 3 box limit back in 2008 when Obongo the Clown was elected and there was a big gun and ammo run. Academy is starting it on .223 .45. .40 .308 and 5.56 ammo as well. Midway USA is doing it was well...
  6. why did the cop that was checking weapons pull the trigger before clearing the chamber and WHAT KIND OF STUPID ASSHOLE BRINGS A LOADED FIREARM TO A GUN SHOW TO SELL?!?!?!?!
  7. I have ove case of fmj 7.62x39 left for sale. i had 25k rounds, almost all of it sold in 3 days.
  8. Apparently they're back from the dead, but no double stack mag yet...
  9. Contact me after you move, there is a nice private range in the Anderson Sc area about 20 min out of Hartwell. Unlike the people's Republic of New Jersey you can cross state lines with weapons here freely. Born and raised in Gwinnett, now in SC..........and trying to move back.....
  10. I'm being hit up for stuff daily at work. "Where can I get a AR? Where can I get a AK? Where can I get mags and ammo? I know you reload, do you have anything for sale?" It does get old, especially when they look at you like you're a bastard for not wanting to part with any of your stuff or ammo. Usually when they get a bit peeved I ask them, "Have you ever heard of a man named Aesop and if his the story about the grasshopper and the ant?"......That's right Mr. Grasshopper, it's winter and you didn't store any food.......
  11. Two different services, both require a seperate license.
  12. I have a general class as well as a GMRS license. Most of my gear is Motorola Commerical as it serves dual use as both a ham and work radio, A lot of what I play with is P25 digital.
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