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  1. It all depends on what you're planning to do with the rifle. The 20" is optimal for the round itself, that's why I bought it years ago
  2. All depends on what the job is at the time.... guns are tools. And ALLLLL of mine are my faves, ....lol. But, I will agree on the S12 for my shotty.... I trust my life on it.
  3. If you can catch them flying low enough, the S12 will be fine.. although I think you won't be hittin many birds with a drum... better stick to 10 round stick mag for better balance while leading the bird! Enjoy, and... PICS
  4. Yeah, since they're not making anymore Saigas, I might would have to go that route. Good luck!
  5. Hey brother! What a problem to deal with! lol How many Saigas do you have now? How many ARs? Are both possible?? lol
  6. lol, I'll be 60 in December, so I remember those days! Been away from the forum for a few years due to family illness, but back now.
  7. Good for y'all! This will be a very important pic for you one day..know it is now.
  8. Haven't seen many Sagas that didn't stick close to bolt closing if you "rode" it back. As they are saying, pull I back and let it fly. Should lock right into place.
  9. Was in the local wallyworld about a month back on a midweek morning and found two 333 rnd boxes of .22, snagged them up quick!! Haven't seen any since. Federal bulk pack 12 is still running around $26 . Even saw a spam can of .223, can't remember the price, was in a bit of a rush.
  10. I'm QC for a big fabrication shop that builds parts for a major heavy machinery company. The advise for getting a PRO welder is sound. Once done right will last forever.
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