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  1. Congrats to her!!
  2. Saw the 210s, but a search for 210M primers didn't pull them up...
  3. lol, I'll be 60 in December, so I remember those days! Been away from the forum for a few years due to family illness, but back now.
  4. unclejake

    Father's day 3 generations

    Good for y'all! This will be a very important pic for you one day..know it is now.
  5. Haven't seen many Sagas that didn't stick close to bolt closing if you "rode" it back. As they are saying, pull I back and let it fly. Should lock right into place.
  6. Cannot imagine what you are going through. Hate it for you
  7. Was in the local wallyworld about a month back on a midweek morning and found two 333 rnd boxes of .22, snagged them up quick!! Haven't seen any since. Federal bulk pack 12 is still running around $26 . Even saw a spam can of .223, can't remember the price, was in a bit of a rush.
  8. I'm QC for a big fabrication shop that builds parts for a major heavy machinery company. The advise for getting a PRO welder is sound. Once done right will last forever.
  9. I have owned one for several years and it's a great rifle! As AA said, they are more compact than an AK, and pretty accurate. Even with the milled receiver, they run about a pound lighter than the AK. Wouldn't trade mine for anything. I would love to have one of the VZ58's, but for the difference in money, you can buy a whole lot of mags and ammo. Got mine when they were $349, and during the "scare", I saw them going for several thousand. You won't go wrong with one. Just make sure that you get plenty of mags.
  10. Pretty similar here, carry the 26 always. When size isn't an issue, I have my 22 that I can trade out barrels and shoot 9mm. I have about every brand and type out there but my GLock 26 is with me always. BUT i know that some have issues with them. Must be hand size, don't know. OP, hope you find something you like. Let us know what you end up with. Good Luck, brother
  11. Don't let your pigs be hanging out in strange places, keep"em close!!
  12. unclejake

    Wal-Mart Church?

    that's what the church is supposed to do..spread the gospel, not to spread opinions. Same here Spartacus, I am a Christian, but this person doesn't speak for me nor any others that I know!!
  13. Walmart did and I haven't seen a box of .22LR there in over 2 years... what is this .22lr that you speak of? Glad that my dad and I always gave each other bricks of it for birthdays and Christmas, else I wouldn't have the thousands of rounds on hand. I will shoot x39 rounds before.22, and that's so wrong and so unnatural! Crazy times we live in.
  14. I got to looking at three big picture and started laughing, just think, a store named candles being talked about on a gun forum like this...I'm sure I would have been asked to turn in my man card. Lol.Oh, and would you get rid of the double post please...you REALLY ARE my favorite moderator, REALLY! Now you know why I was so confused! It's cool if you're into candles, but I can't think most of the membership here would share that with you! Don't get me wrong, candle flames ate a great target (if you can still see) but not really in to candles. Not that there's Anything wrong with that.