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  1. I'm carrying a chair from now on... who makes holsters for concealed carry?
  2. Thought we would like to know... AK-47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov in intensive care http://rt.com/news/mikhail-kalashnikov-intensive-care-826/
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    I can't help but take another picture.....
  4. My Saiga .223 is about where I want it... The first pic is of when I got it. The second and third pic is what it is now. Krebs Peep Site Aimpoint CompM2 Red Dot Quick Change Scope Mount SGM Mags Arsenal FCG Tapco Piston AK Gas Tube Tapco Stock Hogue Pistol Grip MAK Forearm Totally 922® Compliant
  5. It just depends, on what you mean by training... Where I live lots of people hunt, most folks including libs have guns. All my loved ones are trained at shooting. What they might not know is how to load and shoot every gun in the house. My wife is as good if not a better shot than me. All my kids can shoot. My grandson who is six is aware of where the barrel is pointing and can hit his target. I've been taking my niece out shooting lately. She took right to it. I don't know many people who don't know how to shoot. It just depends, on what you mean by training... In a high preasure si
  6. Here's my Saiga .233. I just finished putting the FCG in this morning... Sweeet! Arsenal 2-Stage FCG, Surefire Magazine, Tapco Stock Set, SGM Forearm
  7. I ordered my FCG on Sunday, it was here Wednesday, Thanks Brian!
  8. Williams Oregon Moved here from Point Roberts Washington, it doesn't get more Northwest than that. Anyway I figure the Northwest starts with Salmon, Steelhead and Redwoods.
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