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  1. Hi I bought a barrel extension with a door buster. What type of ammo would i use?? Also are the bump stocks still legal in wa??
  2. BUST I only got through four magazines. Last round did hold the bolt open. But failure to load was another question. Bunch of times finally I just said I’m not having any fun and put the gun away then shot about 300 rounds of 45. Never a damn problem with my Sig. it was only about 28° out there, I’ll go back when it’s warmer and see if I can figure it out.
  3. I have one, put in by the Smith who made them. I haven’t shot it for a while but took it out a week or two ago. Unfortunately I had crappy ammo. Lots of failure to eject. 1200 FPS. Yes I know it’s a military assault shotgun. We’re gonna take it again this Sunday but I’ll be shooting buck. I don’t xpect any problems but I will load my 2x20 and 2x12 (???) drums and an assortment of mags at home because my thumb all f***** up & I don’t want to spend time there loading and dropping shells on the ground. Will try to report later
  4. I haven’t done this for a while and I haven’thaving had a stroke doesn’t help. I’m cleaning the S-12. I have some dental picks in the box and I know I’m supposed to clean the gun with them but I can’t remember where?? Thanks
  5. Yes but there’s always a better deal.
  6. I think I have two Russian ones that I’m not going to use. Give me a fair price and they’re yours. I think your number is still on my phone hopefully you have mine.
  7. Well where are we going to shoot at?? Actually I am going to a friend's house thursday who has a range right off his driveway. Don't have to carry stuff, just open the back of the truck.
  8. How does the Gun Fixer plug work again?? Do I tighten it all the way and then back it out?? Is there supposed to be a mark on it?? Sorry I've had a stroke and I can't remember.
  9. As the title says....Tried to sell the slidefire a couple times...any interest in a trade??
  10. Let me see if I remember the last gun stuff I got over the last couple months... 3 x Dan Wesson 15-2 revolvers a bunch of Dan Wesson barrels A Russian Makarov w/no import marks a take down lever for my second P220 Lasermax (I remember that because I bought it today) 2 x 12 round and 2 x 20 round mags for my S&W 669's I know there is more stuff but I can't remember it...
  11. I recently bought a handgun. It has a standard blue finish but it has what looks like water spots in the blue finish. Truth be told, I tried to buff it out a little bit using the only thing I could find in the garage...chrome polish. It seemed to work a little bit as the spotting lessened and the cloth I was using turned black. Is there a proper substance to use to do this??? Thanks
  12. I was just coming here to post a WWT for wood furniture for the slide fire. Phone works best 509-835-4117 or pm me here on the forum
  13. Since you live in TX you probably already have a trust. Consider putting your saiga in the trust. Don't know if that works in the NE...I live in the northwest
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