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  1. Met a guy yesterday who told me that the democrats are passing legislation that will allow the police to come into your house and confiscate your guns. And it has almost passed. Any truth to this??? Sorry I don't watch the news
  2. Hi I bought a barrel extension with a door buster. What type of ammo would i use?? Also are the bump stocks still legal in wa??
  3. BUST I only got through four magazines. Last round did hold the bolt open. But failure to load was another question. Bunch of times finally I just said I’m not having any fun and put the gun away then shot about 300 rounds of 45. Never a damn problem with my Sig. it was only about 28° out there, I’ll go back when it’s warmer and see if I can figure it out.
  4. I have one, put in by the Smith who made them. I haven’t shot it for a while but took it out a week or two ago. Unfortunately I had crappy ammo. Lots of failure to eject. 1200 FPS. Yes I know it’s a military assault shotgun. We’re gonna take it again this Sunday but I’ll be shooting buck. I don’t xpect any problems but I will load my 2x20 and 2x12 (???) drums and an assortment of mags at home because my thumb all f***** up & I don’t want to spend time there loading and dropping shells on the ground. Will try to report later
  5. I haven’t done this for a while and I haven’thaving had a stroke doesn’t help. I’m cleaning the S-12. I have some dental picks in the box and I know I’m supposed to clean the gun with them but I can’t remember where?? Thanks
  6. Yes but there’s always a better deal.
  7. I think I have two Russian ones that I’m not going to use. Give me a fair price and they’re yours. I think your number is still on my phone hopefully you have mine.
  8. Well where are we going to shoot at?? Actually I am going to a friend's house thursday who has a range right off his driveway. Don't have to carry stuff, just open the back of the truck.
  9. How does the Gun Fixer plug work again?? Do I tighten it all the way and then back it out?? Is there supposed to be a mark on it?? Sorry I've had a stroke and I can't remember.
  10. As the title says....Tried to sell the slidefire a couple times...any interest in a trade??
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