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  1. andrist1


    I tracked him down on Facebook recently and he said he never brought his to market and it didn't sound like he has any plans to unfortunately.
  2. andrist1


    I know that there's been a lot of discussion over the years about adding a LRBHO to a Saiga 12, all the issues, various attempts, etc. I bought my Saiga 12, 11 years ago when these were all the craze, did a few mods, bought a Cadiz's LRBHO kit, never installed it and for the last 10 years everything has been in the gun safe. I dug it out the other day, did a few Google searches, then I logged on here to see what's been happing over those years and was shocked that nobody has made a LRBHO kit over those years. I remember the VEPR coming out about that time and it came with a factory LRBHO so I'm sure that killed some of the designs that were being worked. Now with the Lynx 12's coming to market I wonder if someone will start making a LRBHO for them as they're basically a Saiga clone. I'd love to get my hands on one of the Warfield kits that Jeric once produced but finding a unicorn feels more probable.
  3. andrist1

    Manual Last Round Bolt Hold Open?

    Email them and they'll sell you one. I've been in contact with them via email and I'm planning on ordering up one as soon as I get my bolt and carrier back from Pauly.
  4. andrist1

    Krebs Enhanced Safety Lever for Sporting Configuration

    Thanks for all the help, I was in luck! Krebs contacted me and they found that they had one and were able to ship one to me. I highly recommend Krebs on their customer service alone, but many of you already know this.
  5. Hello, I'm new here so bear with me! I'm trying to locate a Krebs Enhanced Safety Lever for the Sporting Configuration but every where on-line seems to be out of stock due to Krebs discontinuing them. I understand that keeping the Saiga in this configuration isn't the most popular here but I really like the look of a stock Saiga. If any of one here has one for sale or knows where I could get one, please let me know! Thank you.