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  1. So im starting to get into competition shooting with my saiga and Ive been trying different ways to speed up my reloading without having to buy a magwell or a LRBHO kit. After trying many different things I found that I could actually count my rounds while shooting and on the last shot press the bolt stop with the top of my trigger finger while shooting the last round off and the bolt stop will actually catch and hold the slide open which allows me to swap mags much faster. My question is, is doing this hard on my gun and could it become a big problem later on with repairs or malfunctions, o
  2. cool thanks guys, I just tried it on one of my 10rd mags and it worked well. I just took a hand saw to it then replaced the insides. seems like its exactly the same but with a very very slight bit more tension, over all it worked out well.
  3. So I went to a few gun shops in my town and the only mags in stock are the SMG 10 rd. mags but to me they look a little strange being so long, but Id rather get my mags from around here rather than order off line. After looking at the 10 rd mags tho, i noticed you could actually just cut off the bottow segment of the mag and it will all still fit together. My question is would the spring tinsion from the 10 rd be to much for the newly made 8 rd or would I have to cut the spring down a little too, or if any of this would even be worth it.
  4. it shoots fine and the pins are tight, I just didnt know if it was possible to for the gas block to be hammered forward regardless of the pins being in, and as for the space I dont remember looking that hard so it might have been their before but like I said I wasnt positive, and ya, I feel the same way about that rail system but I had gotten it cheap so I figured I could just replace it if I didnt like it. What would you suggest I look into buying if I wanted to get a tri rail system?
  5. So I got home from the range the other day and started taking the top of my UTG quad rail system off of my saiga 12 and noticed that their was quiet a bit of paint missing on the top of the gas tube right next to the gas block, I think this was due to the fact that I didnt tighten the bottom screw into the gas block very well and it might have been loose enuf to slid the rail system back and forth a little bit and rub some of the paint off. However after fully removing the rails I noticed that their was a small space between the barrel and the gas block that looked exactly like this.
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