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  1. Fixed this with a fairly thick foam rubber self stick pad cut to fit. Wrapped it around the tab like a "U" and stuffed it in. Holds snug now, much better. The gap looked huge, was guessing at least 1/4-1/2". But measured it as only 1/8". Sure looked and felt bigger!
  2. Actually on my 20, but... Forget the make on my guard, either Tapco or Tromix. I have the "U" shaped bracket at the front and that seems fine, but the rear tab that slides into the receiver body is SUPER loose. I don't want to bend the receiver slot to close the gap as it seem too big, and saw a few hokey fixes online. Aluminum foil "gasket", glue soda can spacer into the receiver slot, etc. Anyone have any better tip? Maybe something like an accurizer wedge on an AR? Or simply a rubber sheet bent over the plastic tab to form a gasket as in the foil trick above, but "better"
  3. Update - Bought two new AK safety levers of various flavors. One came full auto tab and looked identical to the stock lever. Other one was semi-auto tab, but with a weird hole drilled through the tab as well. Unsure why and hole is a bit offset and seems too close to the edge potentially allowing the tab to collapse. Don't trust that one. The tabs look slightly longer and engage the trigger better, but not perfect. There is still too much movement of the trigger with safety engaged IMO. But looks like it will stay safe at least. I'd prefer it to be a tight fit though. Guess
  4. OK, upon second look, and trying the new Tapco hammer, it appears like I did grind off the tab on the safety bar shorter 10-yrs ago when I started this conversion. DO NOT DO THIS! I know a lot of conversion vids recommend this to get the safety in/out easily, but doing so can make the gun unsafe. Note this is the trimming on the bottom of the tab, not notching it to clear the disconnect (semi-auto style). I highly recommend notching the full auto safeties as there are a lot of vids on how the full auto safety can actually "pull" the trigger when rotating the safety lever upwards to rem
  5. Safety lever is stock, not trimmed or anything. Just put in a tapco single hook AK trigger, not S-20 specific. Re-used the old hammer which seems to cycle fine. However, with the safety engaged I can see the side bars of the trigger group start to rise up to meet the safety, but seems like there is a pretty big gap there and the trigger releases before hitting the safety stop. What gives? Are the sides of the trigger sear (or whatever those sides are called!) on a 20 taller than a regular AK? Don't recall this issue on my 12 or 410, and some instructions even call for trimming
  6. Thanks, ordered a set from Carolina. Been several years (maybe 10) since I converted the 12 & 410. For some reason thought I could mod the originals and not buy a new FCG? Maybe you still can, but I got a Tapco single hook for the same price. Think I recall modding a double hook for my 12 back then. Believe even the Tapco will need some mods as it's a standard AK trigger set.
  7. My 20 has been in pieces for awhile waiting on me to convert. Finally got to it, but my baggie of FCG pieces seems to be missing the actual trigger. Got the hammer, springs, clips, and what looks like the sear piece. The sear looks a bit weird in that I can't tell where the actual trigger goes! Way different than the S-12 conversion videos I've been watching. If anyone has a stock FCG or just the trigger lying around, I'd be interested in it! Thanks!
  8. Is that stock or converted?
  9. Was cruising gunbroker and noticed there seemed to be WILD swings in what people are asking for with the S-12's. Price ranges from $400 to $3k+. Even within seemingly similar states of stock or conversions were off wildly. What gives?
  10. I've tried the dummy pin and dental floss approaches, never seemed to work for me. I just bend the short end slightly into the lever. Seems to keep it from sliding off as easy. One of the u-tube vids describes it I think. Been awhile.
  11. Never seen this before. Bizon submachine gun. Horizontal magazine like a P90, but on bottom! Think I heard Iszmash in there as well. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=eab_1288749197
  12. Looks good, but in the later pics it looks like you suffer from my malady. The foregrip seems to angle DOWN! Only way I've heard to correct this is to grind the block down which I refuse to do until I refinish again. Here's y angled pic.
  13. Had to do the A&B mods to get mine fitted, which is fine by me as this allows the absolute best fit. Great job MD, the drum is totally cool! Still need to get out and fire it up.
  14. Got my balance charged email, order number 134XX. Should be here soon!
  15. I would media blast with medium/fine grit (NOT beads). Then wash with water & clean detergent (nothing that will leave residue, maybe just laundry booster) and dry. If you live in FL like me, you WILL get flash rust, but don't worry. Rub down with MEK and pre-heat in warm oven (like 100-deg). After that spray with K-Phos pretreatment. All that flash rust will magically disappear before your eyes! Back in the oven for pre-heat again, and SPRAY! Bake and then you are done. Be sure to plug your barrel/gas port. I just stuffed wadded paper towels in there.
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