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  1. Rusmilitary has the Izhmash 10 round magazines back in stock...
  2. Just ordered up a Draco, a WASR 10, a PAP M92 PV and a N-PAP. I've got the sickness I know. " Hi my name is Brett and I'm a gunoholic " Like they say the first step is admitting you have a problem right???
  3. Alright, I think I ordered everything that's needed to get me back to the legal length but I have one last question. I called a local gunsmith and he said he would most likely be able to do the work but he wasn't sure on the legality of having the SBS in his possession. Are there any special permits or paperwork needed to work on NFA items to get them back to legal length? I couldn't find any info on that from the link sunnybean posted. By the way Thanks for that SB...lots of good info there.
  4. I was thinking something similar for some of my other firearms but I didn't know you could do that with a SBS? Is that really an option? As you can see I know little to nothing when it comes to classIII firearms so I would probably be better off getting it back to 18 in for now lol. Any links or guidelines for classIII firearms that anyone has would be great as well. I could use the info. Thanks
  5. Hey thanks for the heads up...I will definitely look into those muzzle brake choke adapters. To be honest I'm not too sure if I'll be back or not. It really depends on how well things turn out down south. I didn't know that was an option though...it might work if I can't get it back to 18in. Thanks...
  6. Hey guys it seems like I got myself in a little situation with my Tromix 12 in. SBS and I wanted to see what all my options were. I'm currently living in Montana but the house I'm renting and was wanting to buy just got sold. I have just over 30 days before escrow closes and soon after that I'm supposed to move and help a family member get his business off the ground. Only problem is he lives in a not so gun friendly state(no sbs) so since she can't come with me in her current configuration I wanted to see what options I had? I know the obvious answer is to just sell her but I would rath
  7. Package arrived safe & sound and everything is looking good. I haven't made it out to the range yet but I'll let you know how she's holdin up. Thanks again and I look forward to some possible business in the future.
  8. Yes but only available with the 22 inch barrel. They told me they didn't have any of the 19 inch barrel versions left in stock. Just a heads up.
  9. Sounds good...looking forward to checking some out!!!
  10. Ditto on the testing...I have a sbs I could run one through if you need any other help. I'm definitely diggin the design too...looking good!
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