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  1. Thanks for the help. I suspected that. You would think they would have just said that, eh?
  2. Sunnybean, thank you for the guidance! I have just started reading about compliance with 922r. With adding a high capacity magazine from rusmilitary, what would you do to make your 410 compliant the simplest way?
  3. rusmilitary has: Russian Saiga magazines: 10-round .410 magazines manufactured by Izhmash. Legal to buy? I am new to this; please forgive me if I ask something ignorant. Thanks for understanding. I have enjoyed reading the posts on this forum. Learned a lot; I am sure I have a lot more to learn.
  4. This is the warning on my Surefire 15 round mags I just received: "Do not load over 2.7" shells as PDX1 or Federal 00 Buckshot or any shells designed for current handguns or Magnum shotguns." I am a new owner so forgive me if I ask something that may seem obvious to you. Just trying to learn. Why are those not to be used? Do they just not work or is there danger in using them? Thanks!
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