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  1. That is correct, we are re doing our website, and gunsmithing service page will have its own section, and will be modified to include more service. We appreciate your patience while we iron out all the bugs, but for the most part this new website is a major improvement over the last one. Checking out should be much easier now. As far as converting your 433 it is entirely up to you. Basic conversion will do the job just fine, and keep more money in your pocket. For the collector who is interested in all of the finer details to be correct, I would recommend the authentic conversion. Whicheve
  2. The original SGM magazines made for our IZ-433 models have all most likely been sold, and will not be produced again. I recommend getting the Vepr 12 SGM magazines for the IZ-433, they seem to work the best.
  3. I remember when we spoke about this shotgun. It sure has come a long way since then. Congratulations on completing this unique Saiga!
  4. One of our Saiga 12k's with Zenitco B-20 fitted.
  5. There is enough room the thread the barrel to a 14x1 LH thread. We do also offer a barrel threading service. Feel free to contact us for details.
  6. Molot flash hiders are back in stock
  7. Mullet Man, I have to give it to you, this was a great idea. These will work with very minor fitting to the handguard. Pictures will be posted soon!
  8. Mullet man you are onto something. I have a Kvar S12 retainer and it actually fits quite well. However the metal "wings" in front of the Vepr handguard protrude out to much, so the retainer is not able to slide all the way onto the handguard. I'm sure with some filling it can be made to be held in place securely. I will post pictures on Monday.
  9. From what i have been told the Vepr 12 LRBHO will fix this issue if installed in an IZ-433. I will be testing this theory, and will try to source the Vepr 12 LRBHO from Russia, if this does indeed work.
  10. so would you need to "convert" your Saiga for those stocks or do they work with the trigger all the way in the back? It doesn't matter where your trigger is located for that stock to mount up. What's important is having the right model. It's a quick mount to a Iz-447 because it has the correct retainers and the needed barrel ring. Your Iz-443 does not. Can it be mounted to a 443? Maybe but you would need a competent gunsmith and pay him a lot of money. You would be better off served by selling your 443 and somewhere finding a 447. What's the chances of obtaining a wood S-12 pistol
  11. Yes it is factory wood laminate. I have some SVDS stock's which should be available next month, that would be a great addition to the IZ-447 with wood handguards.
  12. The SVD stock is not much of a problem, but the handguards are. If you use Ak handguards you will need to remove a bunch of material from the inside in order to clear the barrel diameter. Another option is to find RPK handguards. The problem with that is the factory handguard retainer will not fit over those handguards. Whichever way you slice it, custom work will need to be done to the front end of the shotgun.
  13. If you do not want to modify any mags you can just switch the rear metal tab from your Saiga mag to the Vepr. Saiga mag on the left, Vepr on the right:
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