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  1. CSS does it again! Just Received my Mags, Even Honored the Coupon Code Discount! Great Prices, Superfast Shipping & Great Customer Service!!! Thanks Again CSS
  2. I saw that ... Last Action: 03/07/2013 Introduced -SJ 177 what happens Next???
  3. When will we know the Outcome of this Bill??? If it passes of fails to pass? How can we follow the progress? Any thing we can do to help? (Out of State)
  4. Just saw this unsettling Assault Weapons and Magazines Bill introduced in Florida? SB 1670 http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2013/1670
  5. http://www.examiner.com/article/washington-state-prepares-gun-control-nullification-bill
  6. MAA Charged my Card Almost $500 on the 9th & shipped nothing!!! Really MAA? Really??? !!!
  7. For a surfer .......you sure are impatient. 40+ surfing here and never needed a surfing teacher. BTW....I use my company flight benefits to catch good waves wherever they may be........and no board fees . Come on you should know ... we surfers are the most impatient selfish people on the planet!!! I want my WAVES & My Magazines NOW!!! LOL 40+ that's Awesome Jetmech !!! Still Shortboarding ??? I'm 45 myself and still pulling 3's & launching on my 5'10" in 48 degree water. Midlife crisis So you get to use company flight benefits & catch good waves wherever they may be
  8. I do enjoy my suppressed P22's! ... super fun!!! For Target ... my Smith & Wesson Model 41's trigger can't be beat!
  9. What a Joke! So sick of all this!!! When will it end!!!
  10. I just need to man up, get a babysitter and get to work. And hope I don't mess up! May have to start on my 20 gauge first, runs like crap anyway ... I think it may need port work LOL Thank you all for your help ... If I mess up I'll be driving south to pay wasrNwarpaint or waiting for you guys to visit LOL Thanks again Guys!!!
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