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  1. You never once answered WHY enslave. What sense does that even make? Computers, machines, and robots are more efficient and becoming cheaper than human labor. They need people to buy stuff. That's how they make money. They are not interested in gold bars, they are interested in zero's in an electronic bank account. Enslaving people does not help them get more zero's.
  2. I'm just trying to follow the logic of thinking the government is out to get fat, lazy, broke Americans? I mean 1/3 third is obese and most probably have never experienced hard labor and wouldn't be able to function without a phone or computer in their face. What's the end game? Enslaving us? They need labor to build a new pyramid? They want to take over Siberia to build a summer house and need troops? The rich folks that run this country just need us to continue to be consumers.
  3. It was probably cleared by police, which is why the mag is out and the bullet that was chambered next to it. What do police do if they are arresting someone and they find a loaded gun? They will unload it and probably put all the components on the trunk or hood and take a picture for evidence.
  4. We get a minimum of 2 pallets of ammo a week. This last week we got in over 5 pallets for a sale we got going, CCI mini mags, american eagle .223, and UMC 9mm. It does not matter the price, the 9mm, .380, .22LR, and .38 special sells out QUICK, no matter how much we get in. We get shipments on Thursday, none of those calibers will be there by Sunday (9mm and .22 sell out every Thursday). We have a ridiculous amount of 5.56, because it's all priced at 60 cents a round and no one wants it at that price. They have slowly started putting it "on sale" for 50 cents a round. Still sells very
  5. Google, anyone? McAlester Army Ammunition Plant’s (MCAAP) is a weapons manufacturing facility in McAlester, Oklahoma. Its mission is to produce and renovate conventional ammunition and ammunition related components. The plant stores war reserve and training ammunition. McAlester performs manufacturing, industrial engineering and production product assurance. The plant also receives, demilitarizes and disposes of conventional ammunition components. The plant is government-owned and government-operated. It is located in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, southwest of the city of McAlester.
  6. I'd go Nikon Prostaff. Hard to beat the quality to price. If you are doing mostly range shooting, in the middle of the day, you can save money skipping 50mm versions, or 30mm tubes. Especially if you are sticking in the 4-12x range or lower powers. If you are shooting in the 100-200 range, a 9x max scope will do you fine. If you are going farther out, go with at least a 12x. For half decent scopes, the more stuff you add on, the more the price goes up, so if you see one that's very cheap with all the bells and whistles, I'd recommend staying away.
  7. You mean other than the "racial crap" you bring there-- right? I'm not sure what you are asking me??? I don't bring racial crap anywhere. I'm just not a coward that claims to be not racist because I know a few blacks and even have a few black friends. I so love the "I'm not racist, I have black friends" Whoop-de-fucking-doo. If you are trying to embarass me for being racist, good luck. Quite honestly, I'm not even sure I'd consider myself as much a racist as I would a realist. Do you honestly think it's a bright idea to put down on the internet you are racist? If you end up i
  8. LOL! Do they still call it Bucket O' bullets? Yep, Bucket O Bullets Gander Mountain???? Yes sir.
  9. I'm curious what Springfield was thinking on the XDS Grips. This thing will leave marks on your hand the texture is so aggressive.
  10. We got tons of 22LR in on Friday, once word got out, it was gone by lunch. The 1400 round buckets didn't even last an hour.
  11. Did you watch the second angle video I posted? Post #64. It shows him just roll up, sound system blazing and he gets out, and gets closer than any other bystander on the scene. The Police are trying to communicate by bullhorn to suspects inside a house. Does he bother getting in line near the rest of the crowd with his car off? Nope, he knew what he was doing. My guess is he was provoking them on purpose in attempt to bolster his current law suit against the PD.
  12. There is no license to own a dog (that I'm aware of). Literally any idiot can obtain any breed they want, some are inherently more dangerous in terms of sheer athletic ability and size. I can't even trust half the people on the road to do something as simple as drive, so I'm always going to be sceptical of anyone walking around with a large dog, that they have it trained, and more importantly they have the ability to control it if needed. Even the guy on the video was yanking the hell out of his leash to control him.
  13. Second video at bottom of this page, different view. The owner is a grade A idiot. He rolls up looking for trouble, clearly. The officer who shot the dog is attempting to grab the leash before it lunges at the cop. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/08/second-video-dog-shooting_n_3536658.html I lean more towards siding with the cops on this one.
  14. Just says DHS has 16, border patrol has 16. Either way it's a far stretch from nearly 3,000 MRAPS. Propaganda can be a two way street....
  15. http://www.businessinsider.com/homeland-security-serving-warrants-mrap-2013-3 Look at the bottom of that page. Thr update states what I said, and adds they have a whopping 16 MRAPs to serve high risk warrants.
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