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  1. I have been waiting for this mini mag or the hopes of a double stack mag.
  2. So when's the double stack coming?
  3. Have a like new Krebs Quad rail up for sale. Price is $145 shipped. Cross posted USPS MO or cashiers check.
  4. So whats with a Bosnian "Fluer De Lis" mag

    1. JC GoF

      JC GoF

      they are cool? they go good with waffle mags lol


    2. gregomega


      yup, pretty much one of the top mags to collect right up there with slabsides.


    3. JC GoF

      JC GoF

      they just bring in two much money.I want one but cant seem to pay the price have all the others that's the only one I still want

  5. http://rifledynamics.com/collections/kalashnikov-firearms-combloc-guns/products/ak-104-rifle and ammo or buy several AK's
  6. So I'm thinking of getting a brake like on my Arsenal SLR107UR for my Draco. Right now I just have the Tapco slant brake and was wondering if it's worth getting one. The only place I've seen one is Kvar. Thanks for any opinions or suggestions.
  7. I used Minwax Ebony with a Poly satin clear coat. I posted a pic of it in the Gallery.
  8. I have a Brand New Tromix Mini Monster Brake with crush washer. Its for a S-12. Asking $90 shipped with Tracking.
  9. Anybody have a Krebs Enhanced safety they want to sell?
  10. Meet a very old guy yesterday at lunch. He was from France and talked about the Greman's in WWII. Very interesting. Also an old lady said that what happened in Germany is happening in America.

  11. I bet Mike's email is blowing up right now.

    1. ChileRelleno


      And if I was him, I'd delete them all and keep them guessing.

    2. YOT


      Isn't that what Pauly's doing?

    3. Zombiehunter762


      I can wait because I know the double stack is going to be the S**T!

  12. Looking for one or two Krebs Enhanced Safety Levers for my AK's. I'm looking for the NON-Saiga lever. Shoot me a message with a price if you want to let one go. THanks
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