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  1. I had planned on purchasing a case of IMI 5.56 before this happened, and did so yesterday. I thought it was a good idea to go ahead before it was out of stock, and I was right. Aim had plenty of it when I ordered yesterday afternoon. It sold out within a few hours.
  2. When dining out, service is paramount to me. If we receive bad service, we don't give the place our business for a long time. We usually give them a few months, and see if it's any better. The Red Lobster closest to me has some of the best service in the area. I've never had a bad experience there. Places like Applebee's suck, in service, and in food. Most little independent restaurants in my home town suck as well. The will start off great, and quickly decline to closing.
  3. eFile a Form 1 and build a titanium can. There are a lot of very high quality parts you can use, and they work great. I have two, with three stamps pending. Check out the form1suppressor forum.
  4. http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_2_301/275276_PSA_KS47_Official_thread.html
  5. This is an Anderson stripped upper. The arrow points to the outside ledge of the magwell on the lower. It's sticking out a good 1/8 inch. This view is from the bottom of the magwell. The arrows are pointing to the sides of the upper receiver overlapping the sides of the magwell. Mag insertion. LOL!
  6. I believe, just from what I can see in pictures, that a standard 7.62x39 BCG will work. It has to take a proprietary upper for the AK mags to fit. Tested that out today, and I will post pictures in a short bit. I think I will be happy with building it, even with the proprietary upper receiver.
  7. Definitely post when you get a response. I didn't think to ask about it when i emailed/called. I just went by the info I got from the site. I picked up my lower today, and it seems to be very well made, at least from a visual inspection.
  8. If God is a creator, and God created man in his own image, wouldn't man also be capable of creation?
  9. I believe the next step in human evolution will be cyborgs. What if limbs and organs could be replaces with permanent robotics? We are already in the beginning stages of this happening. After that, I believe we will create sentient artificial intelligence, which will ultimately replace organic human life.
  10. It says on the site that the KS 47 lower only works with the KS 47 upper receivers. I called and asked about them offering stripped uppers. This is the reply that I got. "Hello, We aren't notified of any upcoming changes to stock until the day of. I can only imagine this is on the list of items that will be for purchase. Sorry for the holdup! Best regards," I would assume this is something that will be on the site soon. I'm fine waiting, as I want to SBR mine anyway. They have posted on their site that serialized items may take up to 15 days to ship. I will be picking
  11. Wow! That didn't take long. I placed my order when I got the email notification. Just got a shipping notification this morning. I'm planning on an SBR build with it.
  12. Thanks guys. I'll hit him up with an email, or a phone call.
  13. If that's the case, I may just go another route. I'm wondering if by the time I make the investment to have it done, and add a muzzle device for the suppressor, if it will even be worth the effort.
  14. I just ordered one of the stripped lowers a couple hours ago. It will probably end up being an SBR.
  15. I recently got into the form 1 world, and decided that I would like to SBR a Romanian Draco. I'd also like to suppress it. After I bought the Draco, I started seeing a lot of online talk about the barrel threads not being concentric to the bore, and it being a bad platform to suppress. Does anyone here have any experience with suppressing a Draco AK? I may end up going another route if it truly is a bad platform to suppress.
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