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  1. CSS does it again! Just Received my Mags, Even Honored the Coupon Code Discount! Great Prices, Superfast Shipping & Great Customer Service!!! Thanks Again CSS
  2. I saw that ... Last Action: 03/07/2013 Introduced -SJ 177 what happens Next???
  3. When will we know the Outcome of this Bill??? If it passes of fails to pass? How can we follow the progress? Any thing we can do to help? (Out of State)
  4. Just saw this unsettling Assault Weapons and Magazines Bill introduced in Florida? SB 1670 http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2013/1670
  5. http://www.examiner.com/article/washington-state-prepares-gun-control-nullification-bill
  6. MAA Charged my Card Almost $500 on the 9th & shipped nothing!!! Really MAA? Really??? !!!
  7. For a surfer .......you sure are impatient. 40+ surfing here and never needed a surfing teacher. BTW....I use my company flight benefits to catch good waves wherever they may be........and no board fees . Come on you should know ... we surfers are the most impatient selfish people on the planet!!! I want my WAVES & My Magazines NOW!!! LOL 40+ that's Awesome Jetmech !!! Still Shortboarding ??? I'm 45 myself and still pulling 3's & launching on my 5'10" in 48 degree water. Midlife crisis So you get to use company flight benefits & catch good waves wherever they may be
  8. I do enjoy my suppressed P22's! ... super fun!!! For Target ... my Smith & Wesson Model 41's trigger can't be beat!
  9. What a Joke! So sick of all this!!! When will it end!!!
  10. I just need to man up, get a babysitter and get to work. And hope I don't mess up! May have to start on my 20 gauge first, runs like crap anyway ... I think it may need port work LOL Thank you all for your help ... If I mess up I'll be driving south to pay wasrNwarpaint or waiting for you guys to visit LOL Thanks again Guys!!!
  11. Just ordered more mags from CSS Greg & CSS is the only Vendor I have had no issues with! Always Great Customer Service & Fast Shipping!!!
  12. Would love to see a poll on who has received their Free Mags & from what Vendor
  13. I ordered two Vepr 12's from MAA & I finally got my 2 "Free" Mags LOL ... but it was extremely difficult!!! Numerous Emails, Calls & Messages! Lot of time wasted. Finally one day I actually got through on the phone! Had to pretty much bribe with a promise to buy more mags & then pay extra for the 12 rounders! Otherwise wait for the 10's with no promise we would ever see those. To make matters worse MAA just cancelled one of my orders for a large order of SGM 223 Mags after charging my card and sending me a order confirmation. ( I screen capture everything for proof) I Never c
  14. WoW! ... Very Nice!!! What Stock Adapter & Stock is that? Have you shot it? How was it???
  15. Let me know if your ever up in the PA area. We shoot in my Backyard up here! ... when there is no surf LOL I just wish I could watch just one conversion in person & then do the rest myself. It's like anything for me, I really want to do things right by learning from the pros. It really would be cool to attend a conversion workshop for Saiga Enthusiast. I do think I will pull it off. Just may take awhile & some patients from my family Thanks again for the inspiration.
  16. Seems strange to charge $200.00 for a full auto or SBR/SBS NFA item that is not legal if it has one import part too many??? Maybe the ATF needs to review some of it's own policies LOL Then again some Rules of golf are a bit wacky also
  17. Thank you for all the responses! The hardest part is my two year old son wanting to help me with everything I do!!! Unfortunatly I work out of the home. Need a work shop ... bad! LOL Either that or turn my kitchen into a conversion shop. Wife would love that one. May have to take you up on the offer "mancat" ... trying to work on guns outside sux in our weather lately Thanks again to everyone.
  18. No kidding ... Holy Hell Can someone delete the duplicate Post HELP LOL Dont worry about it. If you want just report your own post with "please delete. double post" But the mods are probably overwhelmed right now. It will all be cleared up in a few days. Busy time, holidays, and glitch in the forum. bad combo. But for future reference, if things are acting strange, dont double tap. Just close and reopen the page to see if it posted. Otherwise it just spams the forums. But I thought if things were acting strange, that you were supposed to double tap??????????? That only ap
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