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  1. Good deal....thanks for the tips especially about the bullet guide and the Tapco Galil mags.
  2. Been a while. I miss the old days when we were all working on some Saiga project. My father recently passed, and in his gun collection I found a NIB Saiga 223. I have converted x39's, but never the 223. Any tips, suggestions, warnings? IIRC, there were different 223 models that required different conversion parts.....or am I mistaken? Does the 223 require a bullet guide? I know there is a company that converts saiga 223's to accept AR mags....is that a good option? Just really exploring the what if's right now. Thanks!
  3. Been here since June 2011. Don't post as much as I used to, but will always hold this site in high regard. I would have never attempted full conversions without this site, and the information I gained was priceless.
  4. Some people love Glocks, some people hate them. I have a 19 and 26. Love the 19. To me it is a perfect size for my intended purpose. The gun itself is simple and reliable. Like others, not my favorite gun, but probably my favorite non-1911 gun. The Sig P320 compact is quickly becoming my favorite non-1911 handgun. Similar in size to the 19.
  5. I have M&P 10. No complaints. Very accurate and reliable. Someone mentioned extractors, and I second the notion of keep a couple extra on hand.
  6. I only have 3 AK's....two Saiga's that I did full conversions on and a WASR. If we could still get Saiga's, I would have one more. But I see them as a generational investment, like someone mentioned. If I needed the money, however, I wouldn't have too hard of a time letting them go. I did trade my VEPR 308 for a S&W M&P 10.
  7. Well, at least the occurrence of someone coming into my shop with a bumpstock and every other accessory money can buy will decline. They have this look on their face like I am supposed to be impressed and all I can think is what a pig of a weapon, lose all of this, lose all of that, throw bumpstock in the trash, get a decent trigger, get a decent RDS, and it may be a decent defense implement after that. they often ask "what else would recommend for it" and I just stare off into space trying to figure out how not to be offensive, yet tell them a 16" AR should not weigh 11 lbs, etc. Lol....thi
  8. Yeah, I fully expect the BATF to ban slide fire type stocks any day now. It would take little more than a memo, but Congress will rant and rave over this for months, and thousands of slide fire stocks will be sold in the meantime.
  9. I'm guessing converted AR 10. I may be totally off, but just doesn't sound AKish. Sounds way more AR10 ish. Guess we will find out soon enough. I love the people calling for a ban on "machine guns".
  10. I have 3, and that is enough for me. But if those $199 Saiga's ever came back, which they won't, I would buy a crate.
  11. Except they didn't build it, they farmed it out to their race crew. Exactly....and based on the previews, Richard is going to try and weasel out of driving. If Richard drives, like they agreed upon, Justin will drag his ass in the Crow.
  12. I have helped a buddy of mine teach some firearms classes, and the number one problem people have is the draw. Your concealed firearm is no use to you if you can't pull the damn thing out. When we run drills, it amazes me how long people take to locate and draw their weapon. Practice. Pick a good concealment holster, whether it be on your appendix, small of the back, ankle, whatever...just pick a consistent place to carry and practice drawing from that location. Many times, just the presentation of a firearm will prevent whatever is about to happen to you. You don't have to be Doc Holiday, but
  13. I think its pretty bad ass looking. Need to research it a bit more before I buy one, but I do like it. And I have a ton of Glock mags for it.
  14. I remember when trolls would show up and it became a team effort. Spetnaz Soldier comes to mind.
  15. Yeah, ida paid 600. I miss converting them. The process of figuring out how to dress it and getting all the parts together. That's as much fun as the conversion itself.
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