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  1. Are you still looking for magazines? I sold my gun so I have 2-8 round magazines for sell 

  2. Like it says, are there any available out there? I'd love to find a few more, up to about 12 shells, 2 3/4 inch. thanks, Ron
  3. the statement wasn't specific about size of the mags. Don't know what ACEZ HI is referring to, but I also filled out the form and was contacted and recontacted. Projected cost $60 each. If I can get a mag for $60 bucks, at least I got one. When you only have one, any price might be pretty decent. Better than NONE for free!
  4. Got a message from Mississippi Auto Arms that they may have a source for these mags. Appears that they're looking for potential buyers before they place a fairly good sized order. If youre interested I'd give them a call. I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just really interested in getting some of these mags. Thanks, Ron
  5. you mean that the head arab stuck it to us? Nooooo, say it isn't so, Joe?
  6. Seems to me that Richard and Dennis hold the record for fastest time in the CANNONBALL EXPRESS. If you didn't know that's the coast to coast car race? Just sayin'
  7. I appreciate the comments, I'll wait. thanks, Ron
  8. Does Lone Star have a source for 20 ga mags, other than CSSSPECS? tHEY ARE RETOOLING AND appear to be at least a month and a half behind schedule. Thanks, Ron
  9. Go away TROLL E X C U S E M E ? are you the thread fairy?
  10. you might want to do that, but its too late: damage has already been done!
  11. I tried Jersey Mike's ONCE in Hagerstown, MD. Ordered via Internet. Went to get my lunch...they screwed the order up. Took it up to the counter, along with my order printout. They made me another sandwich...WRONG...with the Web order IN FRONT OF THEM. What a bunch of idiots! Never Again. you could've stopped them, or weren't you watching?
  12. IS it because Russian imports aren't allowed any more? Theres got to be SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT?
  13. its been five years since anyone responded. is there anyone here?
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