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  1. I have used them a few times for parts. I have never had a problem with them.
  2. Odd, mine was not welded on. Once I pressed the gas block off it easily removed from the rear sight block. Year of production differences, or vodka fueled Russian assembly error? Mine is an 07 and was NIB when bought it.
  3. Ok so any line on the Izhmash ones, either stateside or across the pond?
  4. Dammit. Great minds think alike right? I am in the middle of the exact project on my S12. Glad to see it looks good when done like that.
  5. Is Molot the only one who makes them, or did Izhmash make them as well? https://www.legionusa.com/molot-10-slot-flash-hider.html That is the part in question. Also, any other sources available for these? It figures the second I am ready to buy one they sell out. I already have the MD Arms version, but would prefer the Russian one.
  6. Is there no warranty on them? I don't remember them coming out that long ago.
  7. I will take the handguards and gas tube.
  8. Where can you find one nowadays? I have looked for a while now, they seemed to have dried up.
  9. Russiansurplus sells a factory style handguard with a rail.
  10. You know what it takes to get one of these to be 100 percent reliable? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/33836-modification-to-repair-fte-issues-on-saigas-with-blocked-gas-ports/ Amazing! who would have thought haha. I have been putting it off for a while but finally took an hour out of my day to make it happen. My ports weren't so much blocked but a bit undersized. I drilled them to .073 and just barely clearanced the gas block itself. Before I would get random FTE throughout all magazines with crap bulk 1 oz ammo on light setting. Now I had it on the heavy setting the
  11. Any AK style butt stock will work with minimal, if any, modification. Some have to be slightly sanded due to the different sized receiver. As far as the front end goes check out Dinzag Arms if you want to attach AK hand guards - you can go to Kvar for a great handguard selection, or Carolina Shooter Supply for other bolt on options. All have been great to me in the past and are sponsors on this board.
  12. Rusmilitary or Russiansurplus have them.
  13. The brake/breach is an E-Tac Talon. I have one on mine but I am looking to sell it soon. I would love to trade for a Russian 10 slot hider if I could.
  14. Brian took care of a special request of mine and made my weekend of shooting happen! Big +1!
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