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  1. csspecs

    Inserting a Mag

    How about a snap cap? Load a snap cap as your top round, triple confirm it, then chamber the snap cap, when you go to fire the snap cap is ejected and the fresh round loaded.
  2. with Russian guns a file is your friend. It's not that complicated, but these are not AR-15s. Most parts require fitting.
  3. Yeah you need to add some metal to the safety to get it to engage.. It is not a hard job, I did mine in like 15 minutes but not everyone has a welder.
  4. I think we just ran out of the second batch, we are in the process of making more.
  5. Maybe use an empty shell filled with a dowel rod?
  6. Most shops use a bullet trap for test firing.. I have a small 10 yard indoor range (underground) which doubles as a hurricane shelter. Only issue is that it is a pain to decontaminate before storms, it takes a whole day, and another half a day to process the water used for cleaning.. If I was a gunsmith I'd probably do a small shipping container with a bullet trap and sound insulation, and a very large multi stage hepa filter on the exhaust. One thing with a home range is that if possible your bullet impacts should have something above them, that way any glances will hit something, like the target should be below some logs or other bullet catches.. My range has a small impact zone, so when I need to rebuild the end the amount of contaminated soil is small, roughly 400 lbs, once the solid lead is removed for reuse the contaminated soil can be reused as backstop, or bagged up for disposal.
  7. Get some rounds down range.. Either you will find a use for it or you won't.. Mine gets used for grouse hunting in swamps from time to time.. And it went out for a couple hog hunts on an air boat.. Otherwise it is a range toy.. I normally use 5 round magazines with mine.. Five rounds is more than you can realistically use hunting, because all game animals are long gone by then. At the range I'll use the 10s or 20 round drum.. For home defense, I can't see anyone sticking around for 6-10 rounds of buckshot.. They are either dead or running away by round five... But my home defense is a pistol, with an AR-15 as the carbine, and a Ruger PC9 as the back ups back up.. But it is up to you.
  8. 922R was primarily made for importers and manufacturers.. And I would point out that no one is checking this stuff since the law would most likely get struck down in court for several reasons.. So really nothing to worry about.. The 922R information is kinda dated and in my opinion was overblown to sell "compliance parts" But just for the heck of it, let's imagine we care about 922r: It's normally stated that the Saiga-12 has 15 counted parts, goal is 10 or less imported counted parts.. Three are in the magazine, one is in the stock, I think that stock is USA made, odds are the rail is as well and it is counted, The muzzle device is added, so if it is imported then you need to either remove it or swap another part. If it says USA you are good to go on that part as well. Odds are you are at or below 10 counted parts and are good to go with all magazines made in the USA, which is most of the ones on the market, and all of the ones that are not stupid expensive. I make the steel ones..
  9. Ok so we switched over magazine types about two months ago. The spare parts fit the old style sold before 4/1/2019.. The parts are obsolete but could be useful as spares. I have roughly the following left: Followers: 30 Floor plates (reddish hue): 100 Retainer plates: 75 Just PM me how many parts you want an your mailing address..
  10. Depends what your looking for. If I can't do it, or I think I'll be too expensive I'll tell you.. I might have a suggestion for another shop or two depending on what the part is. I gave a price to a company back five months ago, and I felt like I was too high at first, but it was what I could do.. Well last week they came back and gave the green light for production, along with asking for quotes on three other parts.. So apparently I'm the cheapest option around for those parts... Surprised me. Asking is pretty cheap (free).. Just try to have a drawing in my hands so I know what I'm looking at, a pencil drawing on printer paper is OK it just needs to have dimensions on it otherwise my brother gets really pissy.. And if I know what price point your going for I can help cut costs or increase quality depending on the goal.
  11. Well I'd suggest trying to get a single well made product off the ground as quickly as possible.. I think you'll find the AR-15 crowd to be very large. Shotgun shells are difficult. Our first couple times tackling shotgun shell magazines did not go perfectly and it took multiple attempts to get it right, rifle rounds are significantly easier. As for a patent, be ready for a cost as high as $10-15K, the file online patents are basically worthless because your claims have to have a very specific wording to work.. Also expect to find a few similar devices, because belt feed conversions of box magazine rifles have been tested back as early as the 30s, most of the time they worked well but took to many modifications to the original rifle to be worth doing... So if you get it worked out to be plug and play you probably have a winner of a product. If you want some general suggestions on manufacturing google my user name.. My contact page has a phone number and an email address. I've been making gun parts for a decade and can give you some tips on how to get your product off the ground.. Just don't tell me much or anything about it until you have it protected.. I have a cnc mill, cnc laser and am happy to do short run contract manufacturing.
  12. Its possible to make such an item. But I promise the price will balloon.. Since you are planning to go to classes to learn how you have little experience. Nothing is easy or cheap.. I'd suggest looking at similar devices and pricing. Market value should be $300 or so.. Don't commit yourself to $100, I don't think that price point is possible.
  13. Sadly the window is slamming shut kinda fast. There was a stay placed on the judgement. People need to have their orders in by 5pm tomorrow to be grandfathered this time around. This is not done, it is just being appealed.
  14. Hard to blame heat treatment when there are no visible broken parts other than what is normal with a kaboom. None of the pressure parts are broken that I can see in any of the photos. I screwed around with my saiga and I could almost get the bolt into the carrier in a way that would fire out of battery, I did not want to damage my shotgun so I stopped without forcing the parts together.. So it's "possible" that this is user error.. Also possible that a chain reaction of gun issues and incorrect modification could have also resulted in this issue.. To me this looks mostly like a OOB firing than a critical part failure... The other option is case head separation which is pretty much non existent in shotguns. One thing that strikes me is that the bolt is not in the carrier when installed into the gun. And the damage to the cam lug seems inconsistent to what would happen if the bolt was correctly installed in the carrier.. Which leans more toward user error. You have to work pretty hard to get it in wrong, but I'm pretty sure it can be done. With the bolt installed wrong it is possible for the firing pin to be struck without the bolt even close to being locked. A couple photos of the Trunnion would be really nice, and the back of the bolt carrier. Because that could be the issue.
  15. Uhh I could be forgetting what a bolt looks like but I see BOTH lugs still there.. I see some chewing near the cam lug, but the cam lug is not a pressure containing area.. But the pictures would be nicer if they rotated the bolt around from the same perspective. My theory is either trunnion failure, case head failure (ammo), or OOB, which would require the bolt carrier was made wrong or was modified to allow the hammer to strike the firing pin without being closed.. Could still be that the gun is total trash, but bolt lug failure does not seem to be the problem.
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