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  1. For financial stuff dave ramsey is normally spot on, with some exceptions, I think used cars are not a very good value anymore, repairs are more and more complicated and expensive.. And since fewer people view new cars as status symbols there are fewer people buying new and selling at two years.. 160-200K miles on a pickup is normally about used up, I know people that go to 300K miles but they are normally throwing a LOT of money at repairs to keep it that long.. My brother has a 05' F150 with 90K miles on it and it has issues just related to age, switches acting up, limited slip not working well ect.. My 07' Ford edge has 120K on it and I have some age related issues with transmission shifting poorly, basically it is a sensor issue and is a minor part, but basically you have to take a bunch of stuff off to get that one part out to replace it. I would check on new cars and check what the financing options give you for cost.. Sometimes a less featured fleet type vehicle like a van will get you a cheap people mover that is reliable and affordable.. But your needs and wants may vary, I'm just not a big fan of used cars.. There are some very inexpensive new cars out there that are well reviewed.
  2. csspecs

    going price for 7N6

    Seems like it is going for about $250 a can on gunbroker. The issue is going to be shipping it. Basically it is just slightly more expensive than .223 steel case... Most of the guys that bought it stacked it pretty deep, which is why even after several years it is still around in quantity. Eventually it will become rare, but I doubt it will gain in price like 7.62x39 steel core, which was going for 50 cents to $1 a round within 10 years of the ban, at the same time regular ball ammo was selling for 10 cents a round.. It has already been four years and 7n6 has gone from 17 cents to about 24 cents a round... Whoop de doo. If it gets to around 30 cents to 50 cents around I got a bunch to get rid of. A round that has been quietly spiking is 7.62x54r, seems like it went from 15 cents to around 40-60
  3. csspecs

    PuffGun Saiga .308 Review

    Pufgun magazines are commercial products made in russia. Think Russian Pro-mag or Tapco.. They are basically $10 in russia. They are not using a very high glass fiber content, probably less than tapcos. Probably a little higher than SGM. At present I either need to redo the tooling on the steel Saiga .308, I knew it was getting close to the end of its service life and last batch one of the large pieces had a corner wipe off about 20 parts from the end. I probably have a year or two supply, back in the boom days of 2011 it would have been a months supply.
  4. csspecs

    if anyone knows russian

    Google translate result. INSTRUCTION for adjustment to products "Saiga - 410", "Saiga - 20", "Site - 12" 1. Install the store on the product. d. check the operation of the latch of the MAPAZIN: under the influence of its spine the rear magazine of the spring it must pass under the support surface of the hook until it stops in the rear surface B of the wall of the Mara. 3. In case of failure of the latch to the surface B, blacken the surface A with a simple pencil and cut it with a flat file until the traces of the pencil are removed, without covering the plane. For the file, firstly, attach the file to the entire surface, then do not tear it from the surface and lightly press it to it, in one movement, move 4-5 cm, removing the layer of material. Inspect the surface for the presence and location of traces of the pencil, if any, repeat until removed. Again check the work of the latch - n. 2. In case of failure to repeat the action under para. 3. 4. Do not get the appearance of a vertical backlash of Mara3Ha in the product.
  5. csspecs

    Double stacks have arrived (from Mossberg)

    I have a feeling that MD arms has a high licence fee so odds are it was a no go anyway... Like I would be ok with something like a 5-10% license fee since I am getting a concept not actual plans since it was designed as poly and it would need to be converted to a stamping, we would probably have about 5 months into the tool up, and then another month to address issues found after first production, assuming that there is nothing that dead stops the project.. I imagined from the start that MD arms wants a larger percentage, I never got to that point at all since the conversation basically never got to a punchline.. I kinda figure the checks from Mossberg or whoever is probably better than what I would ever have been able to do by 10 fold.. Odds are he does not want to rock the boat at all. Can't say I blame anyone for not wanting to upset their cash cow.. The high pricing of the mossberg magazines likely are reflecting part of the licence fee or the complexity of making them... The 20 round is only $135 which honestly is not all that expensive compared with drum magazines. I would still like to get a number for what the fee would be.. Maybe I can make it work. Barring that, the patent expires in another 10 years.
  6. csspecs

    gun show today

    You might want to get on selling your 10 round mags... Sometime next month or shortly after the value is likely to drop... Just saying.
  7. csspecs

    Double stacks have arrived (from Mossberg)

    Ian said Semi-auto at that point.. Which is incorrect I think.. Don't they make the 930, maybe he meant more that they are not really known for it?
  8. csspecs

    sko-12 shorty

    Uncompressed springs should be about 1/3 to 1/2 longer than the length of the magazine body.. If the magazine is 10 inches long the spring should be between 13.5' AND 15'... springs can be shorter, but generally the ratio of 1/3-1/2 of body length works pretty decent... Some of the russian magazines go double the length of the magazine, that is past ideal and you are just hauling extra spring coils that cannot help you.
  9. csspecs

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    What gas setting?
  10. csspecs

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    they dont need to sell in the volum that polymer molds require.... Correct.. We make tooling in house so our cost for a tooling set is a lot lower than someone who has to buy it, and we do the metal cutting and forming vs needing to have an injection molding house do the work (plastic injection machines are big and expensive).. So lower cost of development but higher cost per part, Basically my costs flat line at around 1000 parts, they don't go down because the cost is the time it takes a person to insert and remove the part from the press. One question I have with the photo of the drum.. How did they eliminate the need for the dummy rounds in the tower? Because a 20 round drum body with a tower that is three rounds tall is 20 rounds plus three dummy rounds that are needed to fill space of the tower, the only way around this would be a follower arm on some sort of cam arm that would complete the feeding into the tower without occupying the spaces in the drum.. My understanding of the MD arms drum is that it has either 20 or 21 spaces with one occupied by the dummy round and one live round stays in the feed tower.
  11. One thing that is interesting is that the importer is Tristar.. They tend to supply lots of small shops, so that should help the market grow a little.
  12. csspecs

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    We have not spoken of it other than a couple posts.. I basically wanted to know what he wants per mag for a fee. I can figure up my costs quickly to see what is on the table. My brother is unenthusiastic about it.. He thinks the shapes are possible but thinks it is going to take a lot to get everything dialed in and will have a high production loss rate. Currently I have three active projects and two mid sized gun makers asking for my time.. Things are good but very busy.
  13. I bought from them a few times.. I think they don't have anyone to call in when they get over run.
  14. csspecs

    How many drums do you have

    I own one 20rd drum and I have used it three or four times in the 8 years I have owned it.. Not three or four range trips, but three or four loadings.. I just don't like the way the shotgun handles with a drum.. 8 round sticks handle much better.
  15. csspecs


    Personally, I hope we are using every tool at our disposal - with absolutely no holds barred. Obama's 'window dressing' efforts to appear to deal with terrorists from a distance failed miserably, and created the conditions for ISIS to organize and flourish. Appearances be damned. We have work to do. It is more about actually getting the target, and not providing anything to be used as propaganda. Drone bombings over the last few years often missed their targets, people would be marked as having been eliminated when it was some nobody that got killed.. I think at least a few of the high value ISIS guys that had been "confirmed killed" turned up alive and well months later.