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    Failure to reset hammer?

    If it's ejecting and feeding correctly, sounds more like Hammer follow. Check your fire control group for proper installation/wear/damage.
  2. Wow, I like that hand guard set up. Searched for the Fuglystick, but can't find it. Either my Google-Fu is weak, or they aren't available anymore?
  3. OhioEd

    promag magazines, pros and cons

    I don't have any of their stick magazines, but I do have a couple of their 20 round drums, and 2 of their 15 round drums and 3 of their 12 round drums. They all have worked great.
  4. OhioEd

    Flash Hider for S12

    They do look cool, just don't expect it to do much flash suppression. ;-)
  5. OhioEd


    Small, but EVIL.
  6. OhioEd

    Bolt hold open permanantly stuck ON....

    Yup, been there, done that. Take the bolt stop out and file a groove where the tail of the spring sits to keep it from sliding off.
  7. OhioEd

    HK rear sight/AK front sight????

    I guess trial and error it is then.
  8. Ok, here is what I would like to know. Last step in my S12 build is going to be a Chaos Titan. I like the HK style sights, but would like something a little different. I want to use either a Chaos HK rear or a bolt on real deal rear and one of the bolt on AK style front sights. Does any one have any idea which of the front sights might be of the proper height to properly align with either of the HK type rear sights? Hate to try to get it right with trial and error (expensive)just to find out there are no good match ups (expensive with negative results ) Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
  9. OhioEd

    Ammo That Will Not Deform

    That looks almost exactly like the one I made, except my notch might be a bit further back. I think this safety would work the same though.. I'd wager that it will strip a round fine.. maybe not with the full gusto of the spring though. If you don't mind spending the money and waiting a few days for it to show up at your door, or if you don't have a dremel and file set, this is probably a good way to go. It took me maybe 15 minutes to make mine and re-black it with a sharpie, though.. and I prefer to do things myself when I can. I didn't even remove my safety from the gun when I notched it. I just stripped the gun down, taped over the action to prevent filings from getting inside and went to work. Made it real easy to drop the bolt carrier back in to test function. I put the Krebs safety lever on my S12. It is a very well made item. However, the notch is only for holding the bolt to the rear for loading or inspection it seems. The front of the notch is curved in to a hook like shape. Try as I might, I am unable to close the bolt by simply pressing down on any part of it. You have to pull back on the charging handle while disengaging the safety. I like the part a lot despite this as this was not the reason I bought it. It is designed to be easy to move the safety up and down with your trigger finger and not have to take your hand off the grip or reach over the weapon with your off hand. It works VERY well for this.
  10. OhioEd

    S12 Range Stories

    Went shooting yesterday. Took a couple of handguns and the S12. Had the Saiga wrapped up in a gun sock as I fired a couple of hundred rounds of 9MM from my G17 and about 50 .45ACP from my 1911. Nothing no one had not seen before. As soon as I slid the S12 out of the sock, People started looking down my way. As soon as I ran 12 rounds of 00Buck out of the Promag drum, a couple of them walked over, looked at the shredded target and asked: "What the HELL kind of shotgun is that???" I told them what it was, how it was modified from stock and where to find out every thing you want to know about them (HERE!). All would just stand and watch each time I ran a drum or mag through it and just laugh and shake their heads. All agreed it would make a fearsome home defense weapon.
  11. OhioEd

    Professional Refinishing Recommendation

    After doing a little research, I believe you are right. Looking around their site, I don't think it would really be that expensive to have done what I want done. That is, just the receiver and top cover, inside and out, out side of barrel and gas tube, internals (hammer, trigger, disco) and bolt. Have the bolt carrier Ro-guarded to match the peripherals (stock and adapter, trigger guard and grip, Kaos Titan (when I get it) gas adjuster and flash hider, which will all be left black. I have always had a thing for black and silver two tone fire arms. Dunno why, just do
  12. OhioEd

    Professional Refinishing Recommendation

    I would like to have mine done in NP3, I am just afraid to start looking for a place to do it and the cost
  13. OhioEd

    Do you trust your S-12

    I trust mine. Had it out yesterday, and the last problem it had, rounds snagging on the extractor slot, has been fixed. She ran like a sewing machine with every thing from Wal-Mart Federal bulk bird shot, to Remington slugs and buck shot. Even the Pro-Mag 12rd drum impressed me. That being said, my primary HD weapon is my AR-15 with 75gr TAP. I know this weapon system far better and am far more comfortable in its use, although I wouldn't feel sorry for my self if my S12 was the only thing I had at the time some kind of trouble started.
  14. OhioEd

    Titan Rail

    The dust cover conversion is what I am interested in as well as how the rail attaches at the rear. Baring any weirdness there, the Titan is the rail I have settled on for my next conversion.
  15. OhioEd

    Md DRum and gasfixer plug

    Just got my second drum and a gun fixer plug. Really fast service. Mr Mike Is The MAN!!!