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  1. Nice! That 10 rounder is a thing of beauty.
  2. This guy should vote for his house back, or if he doesn't like it leave the country.
  3. I wanted to pass this along to my friends here, looks like Mike is doing a 40% off sale.
  4. My bad, I just checked with the government and news, it's not a hoax.
  5. !Just shot my draco......Damn that trigger I got custom polished from Shannon from Cobra's is something special!!! Quick! Best trigger in the collection hands down, thing of beauty to pull.

  6. Amazing! We really appreciate the time spent, money, and risk involved in what you did to make those mags. Very cool, Thanks!
  7. Benjamin Franklin- "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days."
  8. From that blank screen, try clicking on the image of the drum and then scroll down.
  9. I really like Alex, he is a good guy. Some of his stuff is pretty out there and I don't have time to fact check every claim, but the clip pertained to this thread so I posted it. Since your IQ is so high, riddle me this, how many days did it take to create the universe? Was it six or seven? Also since we have such a great mind to pick, are government employee's pay checks paid by using force to extract money from citizens paychecks at the threat of violence or jail?
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