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  1. The tube handguard is a Fuglystick. A super-robust platform for this purpose, BTW, and the FAL HB handguard fits on perfectly. Just drill for screws and attach. When I posted this on my FB page, I captioned it "See, Vera? Dress yourself up, you get taken out somewhere fun."
  2. At Her Majesty's Request, the famed Prof. Malthusias Zhirinovsky has completed his final version of the Shoulder-Fired Kinetic Energy Cannon that has taken the world - and several smaller planetoids and certain regions of Mars - by storm! God Save Our Gracious Queen!
  3. Mr. Scratch

    Are Saiga-12 selectors the same as standard AK?

    I believe the short prong extension you see in the semi-auto AK selector above is what blocks the trigger in an AK. I don't know what does it with a Saiga.
  4. Mr. Scratch

    Are Saiga-12 selectors the same as standard AK?

    So researching a bit, it appears the only diff between a Saiga lever and a standard semi-auto AK lever is the placement of the "nipple" that clicks into the detents (about 1/4" farther forward on the Saiga). Can anyone confirm?
  5. Okay, sent my Saiga 12 off to a gunsmith to have some work done. Among the jobs, adding selector detents. I just sent the receiver, not the selector, and now he isn't sure if he can put the detents where they would go on any AK, or if there is a different dimension to the Saiga-12 lever. Can I just have him cut the detent to fit a standard lever, or is there a difference? Also, can I replace the old Saiga lever with a semi-auto AK lever later down the road, or do I have to have a Saiga lever in there?
  6. Pics or it didn't happen! I had finish on a Romanian stock that wouldn't dry worth a damn because there was still residual oil in the wood when I applied it. Took forever to get it to harden up. Like, weeks. Wonder if your stock had the same prob.
  7. Another one I've built with a folding stock. Much less elaborate, but I put it together strictly to sell.
  8. Ceracoat does a bronze finish, which is as close as I've come to finding a good permanent copper effect for a gun. Still one of those maybe years-down-the-road possibilities for when I'm otherwise totally done building on it. Right now the SFKEC is still evolving. Recently I've added a VERY sturdy Fuglystick foregrip as a base for the HG, and am hoping to attach a certain unnamed front sight, which I think has a retro space-age quality. Then I'll SBS it and add a Molot brake, and I think I'll finally be done. Here is how she looks now with the Fugly.
  9. Momentarily resurrected to bring you this vanity fluff... (You can build your own pulp fiction cover at http://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html)
  10. I like the cut of your jib, Sirrah. But to the contrary, until you'd made my acquaintance I'd never heard of the good Professor, nor his arch-nemesis Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer; my mention of fighting breeches being made sheerly out of proper good sense of attire! Now that you've drawn my attention to these splendid fellows, I count myself among their ardent enthusiasts. My happy thanks, and I doff my hat to thee. Your's Truly, etc. etc.
  11. And now the "news"... KMTR did some tight shots that didn't show how small the group was. And then, in their brief mention that there was a pro-gun protest there as well, they showed 2 seconds of the weirdly-dressed local oddball who happened to truck by on his homemade bike when he saw the rally, in spite of the fact that they filmed a long segment with a well-spoken and well-dressed young man who hit all the important points quite nicely. http://www.kmtr.com/news/local/story/Ceasefire-Oregon-rallies-in-Eugene/682QA7CwsEqo1Owv3CAm-g.cspx This one admits the crowd was small and bordering on complacency, in spite of the author's obvious bias. http://www.examiner.com/article/eugene-ceasefire-oregon-anti-assault-weapons-rally-fails-to-draw-crowd
  12. Pics of Oregon residents who'd been shot. There would have been 4, but I think Ginny Burdick, Oregon's own Battle Hag of Gun Control didn't show for some reason. Too bad; she's a particularly venomous gun-hater and it's always a kick to hear her rant. Most of the Antis will at least try to tone down their revulsion of gun owners when they get on stage to try not to alienate anybody who might be on the fence, but not Ginny. She despises us all as an entire species, and has no qualms about letting people know about it.
  13. For anyone who isn't familiar with Eugene, OR, it is popularly known as Berkeley North; crowded with hippyleftists of many varieties and totally run in the hopes of establishing a utopian peace-state through communitarian social justice and weed. Total lack of common sense here. Anyway, CEASEFIRE OREGON decided this would be one of the few places in the state where they could show their faces, and so they held a "rally" in support of their draconian AWB HB3200 (which calls for confiscation or forced out-of-state sale of all but one registered so-called AW per owner, and allows the cops to search your house without a warrant if you do have one). They're going to have this on the Saturday Market stage, which is freakin' Woodstock '68 in the summer time. I'm esspecting a decent crowd by anti-gun standard, maybe 100 or so. Well, I girded my fighting britches, grabbed a stack of OR HB 3200 copies with highlighted sections that describe the violation of the 4th Amendment against unwarranted search and seizure, and headed down to do battle. When I arrived, I found a handful of people milling about in front of the stage, literally outnumbered by the pro-gunners who had come to protest, and the media who came to film the hubub. You can see my second pic below, this is when the organizer came to announce the festivities. More filtered in over time, mostly curious passers-by, until the ranks had swelled to a little less than 2 dozen (see pic 1). That was it. Compare this to the pro-gun rally in Salem a couple weeks ago that I'm told had about 3000 people attending (but no media, strangely). Over the next hour I learned that: A) You can buy any weapon, even a bazooka, over the internet without a background check. B.) It'll be hard to screen the mentally ill from buying a gun because you have to pretty much be mentally ill to buy one in the first place. C) There is little self-defense reason to have a gun, as not enough people try to prevent themselves from being attacked just by nonviolent negotiation and showing some kindness to the attacker. D) Of course, if you hunt with an "assault weapon" you'll just blow the deer apart with your 400 rpm firepower, but that goes without saying. Then a guitar abuser came up to beat on his instrument, and they all sang...no, I shit you not...they sang John Lennon's "Imagine". Everyone was mostly polite, including the growing knot of pro-gunners and vise-versa. Okay, there was one incredulous young man who was outraged that people would come here advocating for eevul black death machines and wanted to argue it, but other than that all our contacts with the Ceasefire folks were polite and interesting, if factually one-sided. Seriously though, I was surprised at how little support CEASEFIRE was able to pull in, on a non-raining Saturday afternoon, in moonbarking leftoidloony Eugene Oregon. I do believe the air is bleeding out of this movement.
  14. Mr. Scratch

    Saiga 12 - Fuglystick / FAL Handguard Combination

    The one difficulty of this design, however, is related to one of the very elements of the Fuglystick which make it superior. The heavy internal reinforcements to the front attachment points are too thick to allow the FAL handguard to be simply drilled and bolted. Part of the reinforcement near the front of the HG, where the Fuglystick attaches via bolt, must be recessed in order to allow the nuts to sit somewhat flush with the rest of the reinforcement. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the HG beyond the barrel, as the nuts will protrude enough to stop the Fuglystick's rearward movment at the Saiga's gas block. So this must be countersunk a bit to bring the profile of the nuts down. I used a Dremel with a number of cutting and grinding heads. There are also weld-points at the rear of the Fuglystick, but I had little difficulty with these; just drill through them and attach. There seemed to be plenty of weld left to maintain integrity. It does require a bit more work to attach the wooden guard than it does with previous models I've shown here, but the results are more than worth the effort. Professor Zhirinovsky, upon using this new arrangement on his Shoulder-Fired Kinetic Energy Cannon to bring down a sizeable armoured moon spider that had been rampaging about our outlying Lunar Colonies, has declared that all future SFKEC shall henceforth be issued with identical Fuglystick furniture. We provide our Men of Action and Gallant Adventurers with only the finest projectile-launching hardware, and this is surely deserved by those discerning gentlemen upon whom we depend. And as all who are familiar with Prof. Zhirinovky's unimpeachable products well know, the Kinetic Energy Cannon is one of our most valued instruments that surely preserves rightful civilization upon the Earth. Only the finest, tut-tut and all that. God Save Our Gracious Queen!
  15. I'm pleased to report to my esteemed colleagues at the Royal Society of Large-Bore Shooting Irons, that the Honored Professor Malthusias Zhirinovsky (Esq.) has returned from playing The Great Game among the Kaiser's court of the Prusso-Merovingian Empire. He has secreted out with him, at great personal risk, a rare example of a Saiga 12 Fuglystick Handguard, as are used among the feared elite Prussian Imperial Shock Troops (12th Kanoneer Infantrie Korps, Der Brandenburgers). At once upon breathing the free (if factory soot-filled) air of Her Majesty's Beloved Island, he at once set his team of armourers to work at improving the design to suit our more refined and civilized Men at War for our own Shoulder-Fired Kinetic Energy Cannons . Herein are the results. There are several important advantages of this design over our previous handguard base. The Fuglystick is made of quite solid and exceptionally sturdy al-you-min-yum, and has marvelous reinforcements at all connection points. I dare say Hercules himself could not break it. Once it is properly mounted, anyone handling this behemoth will have no doubt that it would sustain any prolongued campaign, whether the setting require blasting Oriental airship pirates from the skies over Cathay, holding the frightful savages of the remote Saharas at bay for yet a bit longer until mechanized octoped reinforcements can arrive to restore order, or stalking the Man-Eating Elephanpotomus (created by the wicked Herr Doktor Totensmert in his fiendish laboratory) across the Mongolian Steppes.