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  1. I loved the "fibers" of the plum polyamide Russian plum I had on my SGL.
  2. Well I'm back. Been through a bunch of fucking bulkshit lately.

  3. Yeah fuck Troy. I dumped all their shit last year.
  4. It's only going to continue. This is just scratching the surface of the bigger picture of things to come.
  5. Was "informed" today that the fuck was sporting an AK pattern weapon. No mention of the others.
  6. Yep. I like how too many people can't connect the dots every time these fags change their name. Many act like its a new group. ISIS or not, there's much more going on than what's being "reported ".
  7. funny how the government can act so swiftly with shit about a flag, but do very little to combat open threats made by ISIS supporters/affiliates. At least it wasn't a right wing constitutionalist. Just another reason we ALL need to be armed.
  8. I guess burglars are too scared that homeowners have guns.
  9. There's plenty of people that would willingly drive their asses back in prison busses across the border for a small fee.
  10. Keep us posted on how she shoots! I want to see the true potential!
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