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  1. Looks about damn near worthless.
  2. I loved the "fibers" of the plum polyamide Russian plum I had on my SGL.
  3. The dude that cut up his handgun can suck a nut.
  4. Yeah fuck Troy. I dumped all their shit last year.
  5. thebuns1

    Hey Old People

    It's only going to continue. This is just scratching the surface of the bigger picture of things to come.
  6. Was "informed" today that the fuck was sporting an AK pattern weapon. No mention of the others.
  7. Yep. I like how too many people can't connect the dots every time these fags change their name. Many act like its a new group. ISIS or not, there's much more going on than what's being "reported ".
  8. funny how the government can act so swiftly with shit about a flag, but do very little to combat open threats made by ISIS supporters/affiliates. At least it wasn't a right wing constitutionalist. Just another reason we ALL need to be armed.
  9. I guess burglars are too scared that homeowners have guns.
  10. There's plenty of people that would willingly drive their asses back in prison busses across the border for a small fee.
  11. thebuns1

    my VEPR 54R with 23" barrel

    Keep us posted on how she shoots! I want to see the true potential!
  12. I dont really care about religion. Never did. Some of you guys do, and thats cool. The foundation of moral character is absent. You have people bashing others based upon the places they call home. People bashing others for not going with the grain. People being called racist and labeled as such for the most minor bullshit. This country is now in turmoil. It has reached the PNR. This is the type of shit I always thought would happen. Nobody knows exactly how or when these things happen, but they do happen. It all goes back to government backed propaganda and spewed lies. This is what happens when the masses believe the rubbish on the TV. This nation is divided in a manner that very few have ever seen, if any. Seems the people enjoy being slaves to the ones they elected. The wheels of change have been rolling in the background for some time. Its really a shame when the people are not informed. Its even more shameful when the people accept the things going on around them. There is no more sense of community. Gone are the days of a free people. We are in the beginning stages of a dangerous transition into the darkness of a tyrannical dictatorship. We will soon be at the mercy of other nations calling the shots. We now have a congress that has proved to be nothing more than a title, which I predicted would happen. Our elected leadership has failed us yet again. Its time to start seeing through the lies and stop voting for these asshats. I really dont think that the damage will ever be lifted, but only increase. But the amount of damage the people are willing to take remains to be seen. And based upon what Ive seen, its not looking good. There is no longer a two party system, but a single system with two titles. Neither of which give a fuck about us. Its only going to get worse from here on out. I assure you, it wont get better, especially with our current breed of leadership. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. But in the end, all we're going to have is each other. And no amount of tyranny can take that sense of freedom.