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  1. Guy was probably walking around dripping out his ass for a month. Leaving an oily trail wherever he tread.
  2. I find if rather strange that I cannot find a single image of their "nite" sight, taken at night.
  3. I thought catnip smelled minty? I know this type of salvia smells like cat piss quite badly. Oh or was the smell from the cats themselves? Haha
  4. My previous comment applies to all vets. But with the reception a lot of the Vietnam guys got when they came home, the tone feels different to me, being younger and having not been born at the time.
  5. I couldn't begin to understand. And I never know whether I should thank Vietnam Veterens(keep reading),Or how else to express my sympathy for what they went through. Every Vet I talk to seems to have different feelings about it. They've all had different experiences, being there, and coming home. I generally try to shake a Vet's hand and thank them for their sacrifice, but I've met guys who genuinely didn't want to be thanked. No matter what your reason for going, you sacrificed something along the way, and I thank you.
  6. I don't know a damn thing about jets, but 20% more efficient is pretty impressive.
  7. Canada goose. And I think some of that shit your grandfather showed you may have left a negative impression. On a related note, I hear geese can be trapped easily by digging a trench about goose shoulder deep, and just over goose width. With a gentle slope on one end, and bait in the trench, the geese will waddle in, and when you run up on them with a stick or hammer or whatever, they don't have enough room to spread their wings or turn around. Whack whack, goose dinner. Only to be used in an actual survival situation probably. I'm not sure that's legal at all. I might have even read that on t
  8. So when you see someone at the zoo running around with a cup, shoving it under a tiger when it pops a squat, you know why.
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