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  1. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I sent my S12 bolt to Pauly, I guess it was before he went down hill. I got it back and he did a fantastic job on it.
  2. All I can say about the new Krebs sights-WOW! Absolutely fantastic.
  3. Got my Saiga back from the local gunsmith. He installed my Krebs Combat sight set. Took her out back and ran some rounds through it and it seems pretty much right on. I bought a 12 gauge laser bore sighter and it seemed to help zero it in. Looking forward to running some more rounds through it before the bowling pin match comes around again.
  4. Got a 12 gauge laser bore sighter. Figured it ought to make it fairly easy to adjust new Krebs sight when I get the gun back.
  5. Decided to drop off my Saiga at my local gunsmith to have the Krebs combat sights installed. I didn't want to muck up my nice gun. They are going press the rear sight out and the new peep sight in.
  6. Use a dremel to cut across the sight almost all the way through. It will come out much easier. Will the new sight (peep sight from Krebs) go in relatively easy?
  7. How hard is it to remove the factory rear sight and replace it with the Krebs part? Any"tricks" I should know about?
  8. Ordered a set of the Krebs Combat sights for my Saiga 12
  9. I like to shoot in bowling pin matches. Gun shoots high with OE sights, have to compensate by aiming low.
  10. Any body got any suggestions for improving sights on my Saiga 12?
  11. ^ Gotcha. Sorry to disrupt your vacation. OK, I see the two spot welds on the follower. ^ Please contact me when you get back to work. Thanks Jim Ray
  12. I have tried many times to call CSSPECS, left some voice messages and tried to email them with no reply. Are they still in business?
  13. I think I got that updated follower-I'll check and see how many it holds.
  14. I have a CSSPECS 8 round steel magazine that I bought quite a while ago. When I first got it I ran some rounds through it and it seemed OK. I haven't done anything with it in quite a while, but I loaded it up yesterday and tried to use it. I first loaded 5 rounds in it and all 5 ran fine. Loaded up some more and now the first round "jams" and will not load. Took that round out and tried again, same thing. I took those rounds out and put them in a different mag and all ran fine. loaded up another mag and it ran fine too. Loaded the CSSPECS mag up again and the same thing. Puzzeled. I am goi
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