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  1. I tried 3 different mags in it with the same results. The factory mags were the worst. My ccspecs steel mags weren't as bad and my KS12 mags were about the same. It just seems more loose than should be. I emailed SDS imports and they say it's fine and run it. I'm just not happy with the amount of wobble it has. Im not new to firearms by any means
  2. How is the mag wobble in yours ?
  3. Hey , just got myself a lynx12 shotgun and it seems to have quite a bit of mag wobble . More than I'd like. I haven't fired it yet as I am giving the gun a good once over. What is you guys experience with that ? It seems to me that the mag catch has a bit of a gap once the mag is locked in , letting it have play .
  4. Jetg23


    Post up some pics dude !..haha
  5. You get a chance to run it yet ? What all loads have you ran out of your KS 12 ?
  6. 😂 I think he said 100 round dump. Shoot , a 100 round drum would be about a 3ft diameter ....lol.
  7. I can't wait either man ! The whole day I was shooting , all I was thinking was how much fun I'm gonna have with it when it's an Evlblacksbs 😎
  8. I just had a chance to finally shoot my ks12 like I've been wanting to. It ran the federal target loads and the Winchester universal without a hiccup. I ran close to 50 -60 shells of each and it ran perfect. I could do full mag dumps ,burst fire and slow single shot fire with no problems. I am extremely happy with how it runs. I used three different mags. Factory , ccspecs steel mag and the us made lynx 12 mag.
  9. What's the difference is your trigger and what goes in an Evl build ?
  10. I'll be eagerly waiting to see anything on the KS12 build. I'll probly have to have a 6.5 after that..lol. I'm exited for you too ! That will mean more videos on your channel , I've probly watch most of them multiple times. Especially the 6.5" saiga vid. The one that got me hooked 😁
  11. Did you ever end up doing this 6.5” build ?
  12. Jetg23


    I see they have a hard chrome bolt carrier model now. Which option would y’all choose and why . Or which would be best in your opinion.
  13. I didn’t win it.. I hour have bit a bit more , but tapped out..lol. I was going to make Pieces to re weld into it and try to make it run agin. I have a rind who has done it on a f before ( Ak’s). I figured if I couldn’t make them ( with I’m sure i could ) I’d get a 1.5 mm blank and see if I could use part of it. It would have been a project , but it’s doable
  14. This was a complete kit minus the “1.25 section o the receiver that was saw cut out. The bid ended at 487. I thought it might be a fun project to rebuild..
  15. I meant to ask what makes the difference..lol
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