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  1. Thanks so much! I've emailed you my address. Let me know what postage costs so I can reimburse you for the kind offer! Thanks! John Gault
  2. Thanks guys! One of those obvious solutions my senior mind was looking too deeply for! By the way, I was one of csspecs earliest customers years ago when they started, and there is still no one making better mags!
  3. Hi folks! Haven't been on here before and not sure how to ask for advice, but here goes! I had a new MD 20 drum years ago, but it got misplaced during a move before I could use it. Recently found it again but the dummy round is missing! Is it required to function or OK without it? If required, any idea on where I can get a replacement, or, any creative approaches as to what else I could use in its place? Thanks for the help! John Gault gthomas10@neo.rr.com
  4. Don't know if anyone can help me, but I sure hope so! I got an MD 20 drum for my S12 years ago, and it got lost in packing and moving. Just found it again and was looking at using it, but the dummy round is gone. Do I need the dummy round for it to work, or is it functional without it? If it needs it, any idea where I could get a replacement or an alternate idea as to something else I could use to suit the purpose? Thanks! Gary Thomas gthomas10@neo.rr.com
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