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  1. You'll need a bullet guide. russiansurplus.net might have some parts you need too.
  2. dariman3

    Loose Magwell

    Can you mod a screwdriver and tighten the nut?
  3. My buddy started "squirrel fe(a)st" this year. Several of us go out and bag a few on our properties, meet up that evening with our offerings and beer. Try some different recipes along with fresh cut french fries. Fills out a good day!
  4. Custom built PSL by a board member on akforum.net. Want to try doing one of these someday.
  5. dariman3

    AK9 h/g

    A few AK9 handguards with heatshield available at russiansurplus.net if anyone's looking.
  6. Let's throw in the receiver with barrel too.
  7. Just beware of the scammers on sturm. Check out the general discussions section first.
  8. A woman just finished a round on the course and went to complain to the greens keeper about getting stung by some bees on the course. The keeper asked where she was stung. She said between the first and second hole. He said, next time keep your feet closer together....
  9. If you part it out, I'll take the bolt and carrier for $250. LMK
  10. No, I'm familiar with this setup. The hook on the receiver is fixed and the mag catch assembly on the stock locks and unlocks the stock. First time I've seen this custom variation on a folder.
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