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  1. Just be prepared the first time you fire it. Be aware that suppressing a .50 BMG is going to increase the recoil noticeably (at least in my experience). For me, while it made it quieter it also made it less fun to shoot.
  2. Howdy, Going to invite some friends over (up to 8 who will eat seafood) and try a crab boil this weekend. I have a big turkey fryer pot, strainer, and burner to cook on (two actually). Plan to include blue crabs (medium in size), crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes (no carrots as my brother in law is allergic). Since the wife doesn't eat crab I can kick it up as much as I want. I want it with lots of flavor and enough heat to make you want to eat just one more. I am a fan of Old Bay but I am open to suggestions. I was leaning toward a boil because it seems easier than a steam.
  3. Update Both of my boys are still very young so they have yet to grow into a lot of these great ideas and suggestions - however that just means I have time prepared. I gave my oldest son one of my old (cheap) Craftsman tool boxes that my dad gave me. To date it has a wrench, an action figure, a bent tape measure, and a pair of welding\steam-punk glasses in it. I think that is a perfectly good start. As a kid I had one of those cheap pot-metal safes with the worthless dial combination (which really just meant I could always get in it since I would never remember the combo). It had
  4. Apparently my previous reply didn't go through and I don't have time to type it back up now, but let me say these responses are awesome. Exactly the type of input I am looking for. My sons and I have some fun things to look forward to as we try to figure out their interests. And I can tell it will be worth my effort as the personal connections to some of your recommendations are apparent. Thanks guys for everyone who has contributed so far. Very good stuff. I may post a few follow up questions as time permits. I also look forward to seeing what else is posted as well.
  5. Hello everyone, I know there are a lot of good people on this forum so I thought I would throw this question out there: As a father of 2 young boys, I am wanting to pick up some things now that will appeal to a boy as he gets older (besides guns) - something that can be passed down, collected in a jar or shoebox (or one of those potmetal safes as was the case for me), and will pique his imagination if you know what I mean. Any suggestions? Please be as specific as possible as I will not be an expert on any of these things. I am in no rush - I have time to look around\set up searches
  6. It's a file photo, but it's a Ducati ST4S, which I have two of. Best sport touring motorbikes on God's green earth. So a "Pasta burner"
  7. There has been a lot that has underminded the impact a relation with Jesus Christ can have on a person's life in these times and admittedly that is not for everyone. However, there is truth for those that sincerely seek it.
  8. Thanks guys for your responses. To get to the point - is Elite Iron a serious contender when it comes to performance, maintainability, and build quality at their price point? How does it compare to AAC or some of the other more popular brands? Are they readily available or a small shop with a small yearly output? Background - I was leaning toward AAC with their required break for quick attach but wanted to look outside of the usual sellers (I like finding something that isn't so common but still performs at a good price point). Elite Iron came up in a few searches but there has
  9. Researching suppressors and came across Elite Iron. Most references to them are a few years old. Anyone on here have any experience with them? Thanks
  10. Check cashed on 7 Jan for paper Form4s submitted via trust. Stamps received 2 April. That is a 3 month turn around!
  11. Most of our dried is Augason Farms, with some Mountain House mixed in.We catch some great deals & stock up when we do. We also have a good bit of Wise Foods in emergency kits. Mind sharing where I should keep an eye out to find the best deals? Thanks
  12. Not sure what all you need, but if no members can help you out with reamers, I have rented from "4D Reamer Rentals" and was quite pleased.
  13. I have had good luck with my Rem 700 5r Milspec in .308. I also believe that properly hand loading for your particular rifle is much better for dialing in your groupings at distance (and more affordable if you shoot enough).
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