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  1. I would like to buy them if they are still available.

  2. Updated ad…..one ten round has been sold.
  3. Don’t get on here very often which is the reason for the delayed response.
  4. sKott, Yes it’s still available, Usps mo sounds great. Here’s my cell 8126861104….send a text msg and we can go from there. thx, Tony
  5. 2-3” 10 round mags 2-2.5” 4 round mags These are the original factory Russian mags for the saiga.410. They are all in excellent condition and fired very little, I purchased these new many yrs ago and no longer have the firearm. Asking $400.00 for all. Thanks for looking!
  6. 5.45x39 square back vepr......
  7. Good....one less dindu nufffin in the system to support.
  8. PSA has a BF deal on Fed 12 "game-shok" hi brass hvy field rds. Good stout ammo, s12 & v12 run it with no fail. Nice price on some very good ammo. $3.99 per 25 rd box.
  9. He can.....fuck off! I've had close to 51 yrs without his leadership, didn't seem to have no problems then. It's a damn shame too...hope we can bring this old country back to where she belongs. It's still a great place to be but the days past need to come back....praying and hoping!
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