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  1. Updated ad…..one ten round has been sold.
  2. Don’t get on here very often which is the reason for the delayed response.
  3. sKott, Yes it’s still available, Usps mo sounds great. Here’s my cell 8126861104….send a text msg and we can go from there. thx, Tony
  4. 2-3” 10 round mags 2-2.5” 4 round mags These are the original factory Russian mags for the saiga.410. They are all in excellent condition and fired very little, I purchased these new many yrs ago and no longer have the firearm. Asking $400.00 for all. Thanks for looking!
  5. 5.45x39 square back vepr......
  6. Good....one less dindu nufffin in the system to support.
  7. PSA has a BF deal on Fed 12 "game-shok" hi brass hvy field rds. Good stout ammo, s12 & v12 run it with no fail. Nice price on some very good ammo. $3.99 per 25 rd box.
  8. He can.....fuck off! I've had close to 51 yrs without his leadership, didn't seem to have no problems then. It's a damn shame too...hope we can bring this old country back to where she belongs. It's still a great place to be but the days past need to come back....praying and hoping!
  9. adjc

    SGM .410 mag...

    Using 3" Winchester hi brass 6 shot loads. I have the izzy ten rounders and no problems with them.
  10. Just picked up one of these the other day NIB and am having feeding issues. It is the 15 rd mag, what it is doing is not letting the round come up high enough to feed into the chamber. I am letting charging handle fly on its own once it is pull back to feed the round out. What it does do is it will feed 11 rds flawlessly but 12 or more an it goes chewing the front of the hull making it useless to reload that shell. .410 is kinda expensive to be ruining shells! I've tried SGM's customer service but they don't seem too anxious to get back with me. Any tips? Looks like it's mine so might as well
  11. you guys are pretty thick skinned, what say you all on this video? i say a shot well placed. these damn things are very destructive, the more the merrier! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUyQqJi1_DY
  12. this is some of the crumbling blocks of America....God help the generations ahead! http://www.break.com/video/this-was-the-best-witness-the-news-could-find-2864808
  13. if you have time give this a listen. going on close to 60 yrs old myself and growing up with this great music....WTF did it go wrong? these guys go on for 23+ mins with no fail how does it get any better. along with all the other great musicians of the 60's & 70's....what the hell happened?
  14. here he's playing with gary moore, excellent duo. these guys are both gone now and may they rest in peace....blues as they were meant to be....
  15. I drove an 18-wheeler OTR for 3 years, that was enough for me. i did that for about 6 mths (OTR) in my early yrs, couple trips up northeast coast with lake effect snow did me in. guys that take on that profession have my greatest respect. after buffalo and nova scotia pushing snow with the front bumper....i said no more! went local driving a mixer, now 37 yrs later and almost done....thank God!
  16. i fight the bastards on a daily basis. what gets me is that you try to stay off the traffic and they keep filling the gap in front of you. then they wonder why "how come you didn't see me"... no win situation. sick of it.....less than 5yrs left then DONE! one of these days they might not get so lucky and here's what might meet them....
  17. dave, you buy the stock as is. it comes as a complete drop in for the 10-22, hogue grip comes with the stock. all you use is the bbl band from your stock ruger. sent a link to you....check it out. tony
  18. thanks, yes did the mods myself. most were drop in's except the trigger kit which is very easy to do on the 10-22's. the pull is down to 2.5lbs which makes a nice trigger...no creep as it has been adjusted out. most of the vendors and info was found on RFC, these guys are dead serious when it comes to accuracy. also it gets to hitting the wallet a little harder those folks are willing to spend but if it's what your looking for it can be done. it would be hard to part with it, has too many applications. if you were to go this route i would suggest going with the straight folder, much friendlie
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