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  1. Saiga 12 Russian made R&R billet Carrier CSS trigger Guard CSS Brake magpul AK grip Phoenix Stock Aresenal Handguard MD arms piston puck Tromix tuned G2 3x MD20 drums Promag 12rd drum SGM 10 & 8 round mags Izzy 5rnd 3x keep shooting 5rnd $1500 obo email gregdepot@yahoo.com or TEXT 360-597-8747 can ship to FFL Located in Klamath Falls OR Trade for Bennelli M4
  2. Well finaly got mine back after paying $465 for an R&R carrier and a used bolt. Asking $365 shipped and paypald please make offers, estimated 200rnds through bcg PM or text 360-597-8747 or email gregdepot@yahoo.com May trade for gun around $300
  3. Parts came as were sent from DOJ today Now i have two BCGs
  4. How was the brake attached? I'm trying to do something similar to my S12. Nice gun BTW
  5. The main brake is aluminium with a steel insert. People weld aluminum intercoolers and intake manifolds etc so its possible. You could also pin it or i think silver sauder is also legal
  6. I frequently travel out of state so an SBS means id have to leave it at home instead of shooting with other friends. 19" plus the CSS brake is pretty long.
  7. Would be possible to have my R&R carrier modded for a galil charing handle or would this cost a bunch? I prolly should have ordered the left side one but did not.
  8. Well possible good news S12 should be coming to america soon according to shot show
  9. 908 glass bolt (bolt & carrier I think left carrier black) not FCG, paid $90 or so. Sent from KS August 2013 but I'm now in OR
  10. I live about 5 hours a way and pass through salem were he currently lives every couple of months. Well the R&R carrier is a avaible (paid i think $290 shipped) Got a used bolt off here $175 shipped So $290 + $175 + 90 (to pauly) = $555 and i still dont have notched bolt yet but i guess i have a carrier that should last 3 life times
  11. Call the Ukranian Air Port and when Spetsnaz i mean uhh uniformed militia lol answers the phone see if they have some spare S12k parts
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