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  1. I have a new unfired Saiga IZ433 for sale Asking 1200.00 obo For clarity 1,200.00 is for the shotgun only..... OBO I’m in Colorado but can ship if needed I also have everything to make this an 030 including the correct trigger guard, rivets, izhmash svds folding stock with trunnion, muzzle break, Izhmash railed gasblock, and 4 factory 8 round mags. I will be listing these other parts for sale either here or on eBay, contact me if you are interested.
  2. I can't speak to the quility of thier folding stocks but IMO Chris is a tool
  3. Thanks Skoodge, I have some of those same mags I'm going to convert a couple.
  4. You can have any size mag in Colorado you want as long as you had it befor July 1st 2013, and who fuck can prove you didn't? I see high capacity mags for sale all over Colorado. They are being sold disassembled as parts kits. You can also go to counties that have 2nd ammendment friendly sherrifs that have sworn they will not inforce the new law and buy high capacity mags over the counter (with impunity). You can also do what a lot of people are doing and take your shotgun to a neiboring state to do some shooting and maybe stop at a gun shop and get yourself some mags. Like I said who can prov
  5. Chaos Saiga 12 Extended Top Rail This was mounted and taken off but never used. 30.00 + you pay actual shipping and insurance if wanted. Payment by USPS money order only. Shipping will be by USPS After posting here PM me. From the Chaos Website: -Extended Top Rail Chaos Extended Top Rail for Chaos Saiga 12 Rails.Our MIL-STD-1913 rails are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy. The top rail extending over 13" in length. Hard coat military specification MIL-A-8625 or Type III non-reflective black. Already tapped for sights to be mounted
  6. Probably a long shot but... I'm looking for all the needed parts to mount an SVD stock on my IZ 433
  7. Brand new never installed Izhmash railed front gas block mint condition fits Saiga and Vepr 12 135.00 shipped. USPS money order only. Shipping will be USPS Priority, insurance at your cost. After posting I'll take it here, please PM me
  8. Hey Kurt, I would like to hear more about this spreader choke, how do you like it and were can I find one?
  9. You should not have to sell them. I have returned things to Oleg for a refund with no problems. If the pictures showed the handguard with the side rails when you ordered them then I would ask Oleg to pay the return shipping. Let us know how he treats you so that the rest of us can be informed about who we do business with.
  10. Lol, in stock for russian surplus can mean 1 day to 9 months from now, good info though. Oleg really is good people, that place just flusters me a little bit. russiansurplus.net is run by a man named Alex. You are thinking of rusmilitary.com run by Oleg in England
  11. russiansurplus.net has some in stock at the moment
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