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  1. Any one have any info on the Legion SBS ready Veper-12 ?? Is the gas system set up to run in short barrel form ?? Sharky
  2. Ordered 3 10 Rounders, not sure how I feel about the SGM mags now ?? Just glad the Molot 10's are here in the USA !! Sharky
  3. Got my Molot Factory Lower Handguard today from you know who in the UK Looks sweet !!! Sharky
  4. Thanks CGP !!! great pic's and now seeing it open it make sence.. Sharky
  5. Guy's, Waiting on my 922r parts before I cut the weld and was looking at the Folding Mechanism and I'm wondering how it folds / works ?? Thanks in advance..
  6. Got mine coming !! The last piece is the Rail FSB but I don't see me doing that anytime soon.. Sharky
  7. Ok here is a list I got from the AK Files on 922r Parts. Here is my question: What parts are out there and what are you guys planning on swaping out to make it 922r legal. +1 Although it seems backwards, you should never go by a count of the US parts. Based on 922r the BATF will not count US parts, only the number of imported parts. Look at the list of 922r countable parts and count how many foreign parts from the list are on your rifle. If 10 or less you are good to go no matter how many US parts are on on it. (a) No person shall assemble a semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun using m
  8. Picked mine up from my Dealer this AM , Looks Great and will shoot the hell out of her this weekend.. P.S. Weld looks the same as all the rest of the Pic's Sharky
  9. Wow !!! This is Amazing ..... Should have mine " Fixed " in about 5 minutes when it gets here Friday Sharky
  10. This is like: Trying to get Pic's....
  11. Got my FedEx Tracking info also !! Maybe by weeks end ... Sharky
  12. Didn't see this at first: Features: • Molot Factory AK adjustable rear sight with Hinged dust cover with a picatinny rail (may require adjustment by the end user if not alligned properly) Oh how I hope my rail will NOT be Canted Sharky
  13. Centerfire is like a hour away from me and I would be cool to have it this week but the Royal Tiger deal at 1299.00 is hard to pass on !! The Waiting is killing me !! Sharky Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Folding Stock Welded Open #VEPR-12-FS Vepr 12 Semi Auto Shotgun with Folding Stock Welded Open #VEPR-12-FSVepr 12 Semi Auto Shotgun with Folding Stock Welded Open #VEPR-12-FSVepr 12 Semi Auto Shotgun with Folding Stock Welded Open #VEPR-12-FSVepr 12 Semi Auto Shotgun with Folding Stock Welded Open #VEPR-12-FSVepr 12 Semi Auto Shotgun wi
  14. BasePad +4rds for original Molot Vepr 12, Saiga 12 magazines IPSC approved Shotgun Saiga 12, Molot Vepr 12 Material Hardened dural Price 50 EUR So it looks like these will add 4 Rounds to a Factory 8 Rounder...
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